The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Purchasing Fuel Card Holders

You may think that when it comes to purchasing fuel cardholders, there's nothing to it. Simply type in fuel card holders in your search engine and voila! You have one more thing to check off on your To-Do list. Or do you?

The online world is competitive and you can no longer assume that the first option you find is the best! Its all about what you need and you'll be surprised to discover what you are actually looking for actually exists! But how can you even know that such a fuel card holder exists?

Specialist ID, an online badge holder and accessory distributor based in Miami, Florida is providing purchasers like you with the ultimate cheat sheet so you'll have a better understanding of what kind of fuel card holders are available and which ones are best used for certain purposes.

For Mobility

Specialist ID has 3 different styles of fuel card holders that come with a nickel-plated key ring:

Secure Fuel Card Holder
Rigid Fuel Card Holder
Clear Soft Horizontal Fuel Card or ID Badge Holder

For Easy Access

If your drivers need the type of fuel card holders that they can easily access, then there are 2 options available:

1. Clear Fuel Card Holder for Visor with Elastic Band

This fuel card holder will be your most expensive option, but it provides the type of stability that's needed for drivers who are constantly on the go. These visors come with 6 different color options for the elastic band that may complement your company colors while providing easy visibility for chauffeurs who need to keep their identity out a tall times.

2. Secure Fuel Card Holder

Secure Fuel Card Holders are applicable for mobility and easy access. The frosted rigid design made of polycarbonate construction has a U-shaped design for easy accessibility.Drivers can pull the fuel card from the vinyl encasement without having to struggle!

For Prolonged Protection

If your fleet of drivers needs the type of identification or fuel card holder that needs to be fully protected, then here are the two options you should consider:

1. Rigid Fuel Card Holder

The Rigid Fuel Card Holder is made of a tougher plastic that makes it a little more difficult to bend or fold.While this fuel card holder provides mobility with the nickel-plated key ring,it also has a thumb slot that allows for easy access should your drivers need to take the card out.

2. Clear Soft Horizontal Fuel Card or ID Badge Holder w/ Zipper Closure

If your drivers are working in an environment where dust and debris particles are constantly loose, then this is the fuel card holder you need. This is the only fuel card holder that offers the zipper closure solution and can hold up to 3 credit card size IDs.

Cost Savings

All of our fuel card holders are priced differently, but you can get these at a discount price depending on how many units you order.Although we are a wholesale provider, no minimum order is required. View all of Specialist IDs fuel cards here and place your order online or call us toll-free at 1-800-380-6726.

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