Thin Cat Glasses Strap by EK USA (10067)

Whether youre playing a friendly sidewalk game of tackle football with your buddies, just been swallowed by a hippo and lived to write about it, or watching Nascar with your brother in law, a thin cat glasses strap by EK USA (10067) will keep your glasses from knocking off your face and falling to the floor.

As soon as you slide your sunglasses into the black rubber connectors youre confidence in your glasses ability to remain safe from harm will give you the psychological boost you need to pull that big fat old dolphin from the water without being worried about the fin slapping your glasses away to sea.

These are well suited for just anybody with prescription lenses or sunglasses. No matter if youre jogging through an airport, keeping pucks from the goal, or standing in a field catching a baseball, these eye glasses retainers will keep your mind at ease and your glasses within reach and safe from slipping onto the floor.

Measuring in at 22 in total circumference, your glasses should hang roughly around your chest area when youre not using them. It comes with an adjustable clutch allows each person to increase or decrease the length it your glasses will hang. And since their arent any metal pieces to trigger an alarm, these will really come in handy if you work in an environment with metal detectors.

Patriotism never goes out of style, and this rugged glasses strap isnt made in the USA, but weve got one in a red, white and blue (10067-RWB) and another one in black 10067-B (Black). So feel happy knowing youre supporting the American economy by buying one of these.

The thin cat strap as well our entire product line of EK USA accessories are American made products from Logan, Utah and made out of 100% nylon 3mm rope and high quality rubber material for your frames to attach to, the 10067 delivers an excellent eyeglass retainer that youll be able to enjoy for a long time.

If you have any comments, questions, or experience with this product, or any of the other EK USA accessories in our store, leave us a message below and well get back to you as soon as possible. As always, please check out our video of Cindy demonstrating the 10067 Thin Cat Strap by EK USA on YouTube below.

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