Our Top 3 Gift Ideas For Librarians

Our Top 3 Gift Ideas For Librarians

National Librarian Day is a chance to express gratitude to the women and men who consistently share their knowledge and bring comfort and peace to our favorite zen hideaways—also known as libraries. You may think of them as regular employees who spend all day reshelving and dusting books, but librarians play a much more intricate role. From hosting children’s storytime to literacy classes, libraries offer a wealth of free public resources.

Did you know that studies have shown random acts of kindness to lift moods and leave people feeling inspired? Boosting your librarian's mood will leave them optimistic, helpful, and brightening their day. Small gifts can boost their confidence and let them know they make libraries a happier place to be a part of.

We encourage you to give back to your local librarian, not only today but as often as you can! These gifts are a great way to serve as reminders that they are truly appreciated and are essential to the community.

Lanyards will not only be useful in the library scene but also during library conferences or meetings. By providing this tool to them, librarians can showcase their exact roles and provide these lanyards to future registrants during conferences/conventions. Lanyards are an even better gift when you take the time to customize them. It is easy to turn basic lanyards into book-loving designs in today's day and age. One of the best lanyard decorative accessories is enamel pins, which can be an excellent touch. Lanyards can help librarians keep track of keys and pens; the bright and colorful colors chosen can also enhance everyday wear.









Badge reels are next on our list. With all the ways one can customize them, it's no wonder why Etsy creators are successful at taking advantage of the blank badge reels we provide. There are many creative designs, and the chances of picking the most fitting reels for each individual are high. Creating fun interactions with badge reels, such as including “favorite book of the month” prints, can increase interactions with local patrons. Opting for retractable badge reels will help ensure that ID cards or credentials stay securely and conveniently within. These will also benefit security members in differentiating librarians and visitors, making everyone's lives significantly easier.








Last but not least on this list is the gift that keeps on giving: badge holders. Providing many badge holders as a gift for librarians to provide to the public will give library visitors a sense of belonging. They'll have librarians to thank and will even encourage more library visitations! This gift is beneficial to librarians as visitors will be less likely to lose their library cards, saving librarians a lot of time and money in re-issuing library cards. Sometimes it’s difficult for librarians to interact with patrons in an environment such as a library, where everything is calm and serene. Gifting both visitors and librarians with customized badge holders is a gift that will speak louder than words.





Soaking in the ambiance that librarians provide daily is a reminder that librarians are hard at work and deserve to be recognized. We understand this is important and encourage you to head over to our Specialist ID website to make the work of your local librarians a bit easier.

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