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Top Products for Librarians During International School Library Month

Happy International School Library Month! What better way to celebrate than by sprucing up your library's style? Here at Specialist ID, we believe that libraries and the librarians who run them are one of the most essential parts of a school. But too often, they’re overlooked for upgrades! Well, now is their time to shine—all with a bit of help from the best ID products from Specialist ID!

Best ID Products for Librarians

From personalized hall pass badges to customizable PVC cards that can be used to showcase your library's unique charm, we've got all the ID products to make your library stand out like a rare first-edition novel. These ID products will make your library a haven of creativity, innovation, and boundless imagination. Here are some of our favorites:

Custom Badge Reel

Get ready to add a splash of personality to your school library this International School Library Month! Our custom badge reels are the ultimate must-have for schools looking to gift their librarians the ultimate upgrade. Each librarian can proudly sport a badge reel that not only holds their ID but features your school's logo or a fun library-themed design—maybe even a picture of their favorite book recommendation! Whether it's a stack of books, your school logo, or your library mascot, we can bring your vision to life. These reels are built to withstand whatever their days bring with their sturdy belt clip attachment. The bulk order option also ensures every staff member is equipped for International School Library Month festivities. Let's make this month memorable and show off your school's library pride one badge reel at a time. Order now!

Custom Library Pass

It's time to upgrade your library’s hall passes and celebrate this month in style by increasing organization and efficiency in your school. Our custom library passes are here to make hall monitoring a breeze while adding a touch of fun to your library. Your librarians can hand out hall passes that are not just practical but also unique to your school’s layout. You can choose from a rainbow of color options and personalize them based on your needs or with fun designs that match your library's theme. Whether it’s a pass to a special book club, the bathroom, or anything in between, these passes have you covered. Give your library and librarians the upgrade they deserve by changing up your hall passes to something that adds a pop of personality to your school. Don’t wait—order today!

Blank PVC Cards

As you gear up for International School Library Month, don't forget the unsung hero of your library—our blank PVC cards. These blank cards are the perfect canvas for you to customize your library’s signage. Your librarians can personalize these cards to help students navigate the shelves and sections of your library or to reserve books for students in certain classes. No matter how you use them, you have the freedom to design them exactly as you envision. Let's take your library game to the next level this International Library Month with these blank PVC cards. Get ready to transform your library experience—order yours today!

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