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4 Top Waterproof Products for Outdoor Jobs and Events

Our equipment always has to complement our job. It makes it easier to get the work done and prevents errors and stress down the road. Whether we operate in a corporate building, a hospital, or just our home office, we need the right supplies. So, if you plan to work in an outside environment, here are the top four waterproof products you need.

Witz Waterproof Surf Safe with Breakaway Lanyard and Carabiner
The Witz Waterproof Surf Safe with Breakaway Lanyard and Carabiner is one of the most secure waterproof badge holders on the market. This virtually indestructible, crush-resistant container will protect your ID badges, keys, cash, and other small items—it can even float! The O-ring on the case will keep both water and dust at bay. You can store it in a purse or bag or utilize the carabiner and nylon lanyard for more carrying options. To use this safely, simply unlock the clip, put in or take out the items you want, and snap it together again. This badge holder comes in six solid colors to keep your things private.

Multi-Card Clear Rigid Water Resistant Holder

The Multi-Card Clear Rigid Water Resistant ID Badge Holder offers a clean and simple look with its transparent shell. This inexpensive multi-card holder can hold up to seven standard ID cards at a time and more. You can use it for cash, credit cards, keys, and other small, lightweight objects that can fit inside. Focus on your job or event, knowing that all of your necessities are in a secure place. The adjustable lanyard does not have a safety breakaway feature, so it cannot be taken without your notice. This multi-card case is made out of light-duty plastic that is not recommended for heavy-duty applications. If you want a more heavy-duty option, take a look at our “Witz” cases.

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Witz ID Locker Waterproof ID Badge Holder

For more color options, the Witz ID Locker Waterproof Card Holder has a crush-resistant shell that comes in eight translucent colors, including clear. The secure waterproof container can easily fit up to 13 standard credit card-sized ID badges. Store anything from your driver’s license and credit cards to cash and keys. It also comes with a nylon lanyard with a breakaway safety feature and a carabiner for multiple carrying options. This badge holder is perfect for those close to the water or exposed to any outdoor elements.



RFID Blocking Shielded Credit Card Sleeve
The thin, durable RFID Badge Holder is water-resistant and tear-proof. This sleeve is ideal for events with a high attendance rate or a job around many people. Once your ID cards are inside for safe storage, all RFID radio signals will be blocked at any distance. The RFID blocking sleeve will protect all of your information from any unauthorized reader. With credit card and identity theft more prevalent than ever, it's essential to protect yourself, your identity, and your career against all possible attacks. When you are ready for your card to be read, just simply slide it out. The RFID shield works with all standard credit card-sized badges and fits easily into a pocket, wallet, or purse.

Don’t let water or any other element ruin your essentials. These four waterproof products will keep everything you need safe and secure. Visit Specialist ID for more supplies you may need.

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