Here’s Why You Should Try ID Wristbands

Here’s Why You Should Try ID Wristbands

If you have an identification badge for work or school, you know the struggle that comes with ensuring it isn’t stolen or misplaced. Trying to find an equally convenient and stylish means of transporting your credentials can be overwhelming with all the products on the market. Understanding all your options and their benefits is the first step in your search, and we are here to help! 

Here at Specialist ID, we have a wide variety of products for you to choose from, and we pride ourselves on transparency. We want you to understand what you’re buying and know how each of our products can help make your life that much easier. So, whether it is a standard lanyard or one of our more advanced ID badge holders, you are sure to get the most out of your product when you shop with us. 

What is an ID Wristband?

One of our favorite ways to sport your credentials this new year is with an ID wristband. These are one of the handiest ways to keep your photo identification, ID badges, and keys secure for quick and easy access at all times. For people who regularly swipe their identification card, ID wristbands are a fantastic way to keep your credentials safe and convenient for use in a moment’s notice.

If you are constantly on the move, an ID wristband is for you. For instance, maybe one of your new year’s resolutions was to incorporate more movement into your everyday life, but you don’t have time in the day to swing home after work to grab your gym card before hitting your workout. No worries! With an ID wristband, you can easily secure your gym card and any required credentials for your work or school all in one place. This product will completely transform your efficiency; once you try one, you are sure never to go back. 

Wrist Coil Keychain

We have several of these models, but our favorite has to be our Wrist Coil Keychain. This one-size-fits-all product can easily attach to your wrist or ankle to secure your credentials in a snap. It comes connected to a vinyl ID holder that allows you to clip on any slot-punched identification. This keyring can easily accommodate multiple keys or ID cards for maximum convenience. There is no need to carry around multiple forms of ID transport with this product; it is a one-stop shop for all your credential needs. Whether at the gym or on the job, this product will keep your IDs safe and secure. 



If you are interested in discovering more of our products, head to Specialist ID for all our lanyards, ID holders, and badge reels!
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