5 ID Card Holders and Their Different Advantages

5 ID Card Holders and Their Different Advantages

How often have you heard someone say they don’t want their ID card because they don’t trust government agencies or their security measures? Well, there are several reasons why you should consider having an ID card.

An identity document is essential for every person who wants to prove his/her identity. The document contains information such as name, address, date of birth, photograph, signature, etc. Most countries require citizens to carry valid identification documents at all times.

ID cards are necessary for anyone who wants to travel abroad. If you plan to visit another country, you must present an official passport or national identity card to gain entry into that nation. In addition, some countries require proof of citizenship before allowing foreigners to enter. The same goes for any business, medical facility and event. 

Let's explore different functions for ID holders that are popular with:

  • Medical personnel
  • Security teams
  • Outdoor workers
  • Law enforcement
  • Airport terminal crews

Let's browse through a few of the ID card holders available, and the advantages each one offers.

1.Vertical Armband ID Card Holder

This vertical armband ID card holder offers the advantage of at-a-glance identification. It's also very easy to operate its hook-and-loop closure system. People working in the military, law enforcement and security find the hands-free ID system to be very convenient. Hanging badges and any swinging, dangling items can often be dangerous because they might snag on equipment used by security, military or law enforcement personnel. These arm badges offer the advantage of solving that problem while offering identification at all times.



2. Waterproof ID Badge Holders

Waterproof ID badge holders offer an advantage to teams that work outdoors in rain, or in wet environments such as steamy factories or production plants. These see-through holders are also great for conventions because they can carry a drivers license, credit card, hotel room key, and a wide range of other similar items. Because these badges are waterproof, they're a good option for poolside use and janitor staffs as well.



3. ID Badge Strap Clips

With these ID badge strap clips, you can be fairly confident that they will work with just about any ID card design. That's the advantage of a design that is so universal and popular across so many industries. Its a simple two-hole design on a vinyl strap that works with belts, buttons, bags, lanyards, and a wide range of other simple clothing items and accessories.



4. Silicone Cellphone Wallet

There is a cellphone in every pocket. When you need people to hang onto a card of some kind for an event or access system, you can be confident they won't forget it when they have a cellphone wallet like this one. That's the advantage of integrating your accessory with something everyone owns. It's stylish enough to integrate with any look, and you can select a color that works with your brand's logo and color scheme overall. It's sleek enough to let the phone keep fitting into someone's pocket with ease.



5. Lanyard Wallet

Let your team members display their ID and hang onto a pen with this lanyard wallet with pen loop. A pen is a tool anybody needs no matter where they work, and having one on hand at all times keeps you prepared for any situation. The large plastic screen on the front displays your must-show ID card, while the hidden storage pocket at the back is perfect for credit cards, cafeteria cards, and anything else you need. This lanyard wallet is the perfect addition to any credentials. 



lanyard wallet



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