Use ID Badges to Enhance Your Company Halloween Costume Party

By now, everyone has accepted the fact that summer is officially over, school is well underway, and the daily grind of a regular routine has also taken over. In some regions, many people will have to say goodbye to the sunshine for a few months. So when the fall season rolls around, instead of falling into a slippery slope of depression, many what kind of festivities come with it. While Labor Day is the holiday that tends to symbolize the end of summer, it somehow seems that the world has accepted Halloween to be the actual kickoff of the fall and holiday season.

Use ID Badges to Enhance Your Company Halloween Costume Party

Yay Halloween!

Even though Halloween is considered a pagan holiday in religiously founded nation, it still ends up being one of the highest grossing holidays in the country. ABC Channel 9 KTRE reported that the National Retail Federation stated next to Christmas, Halloween is the most moneymaking holiday. Its celebrated in our homes, at school and even at jobs. At the beginning of October, youre sure to see fall-festive decorations adorned in retail stores, on peoples lawns, their vehicles even some of the most prestigious corporations have bowed down to the Trick or Treating holiday.

Halloween. Its Not Just for Kids!

The reason? Halloween is not just child's holiday. Its a holiday that can morph into adult entertainment used to boost morale in the workplace. Many employers celebrate Halloween by having a company costume party.

Sometimes, a Costume Can Use a Little Help!

The one thing that may sometimes diminish as we grow older is imagination. Oftentimes, its helpful to wear a label with costumes so that colleagues can better identify one another's outfit. A creative way to go about this is to use an ID badge.

Read about the creative ways you can use badge accessories for Halloween costumes here.

Your employees are probably already using a Badge Buddy and/or badge ID to carry their work IDs and/or key cards. Why not use your Badge Buddy supplier to order some custom IDs for your Halloween party?

Specialist ID, Your Halloween ID Badge Supplier

Specialist ID is an online wholesale badge holder and accessory distributor based in South Florida. With most wholesale distributors, you have to place a bulk order. If you do this with Specialist ID, you'll certainly get a discount. However, if you choose not to, you wont be penalized. Furthermore, your personnel staff will be able to custom order their very own ID badge directly on our website with no inflated costs.

Other Festive ID Badge Options for the Fall Season

If that's too much, then you can always order our Assorted Badge Reels, Tub-O-Reels . One of our more popular Halloween items is the Halloween Badge Basket. This festive bucket of fun comes with an assortment of colorful badge IDs to play with. You can get this shipped out within 24 hours.

Specialist ID has a wide selection of color badge reels, lanyards, Badge Buddies, and other types of ID badge holder available to you for any holiday. Place your order online today or contact one of our representatives to help you put together a customized order for your company. Call 1-800-380-6726 today!

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