Useful Teacher Gift


The end of another school year is approaching and once again it is time to think of a great gift idea for the teachers you love. A popular and functional gift choice would be a lanyard! Lanyards are useful in so many different professions.

In schools alone, students wear lanyards to be identified when they are on field trips or conferences or to show their team/school colors during an extracurricular activity. Coaches wear lanyards to be hands-free and able to make hand gestures for directions and plays while wearing their whistles around their necks. Teachers and teaching staff wear lanyards attaching their photo ID badge for recognition to their students as a professional and for security measures in a school.

Lanyards are great for carrying keys or photo ID badges and with all the different pre-printed styles and colors available, they can be a great accessory to add some shine and personality for your favorite teacher! Custom printing of your school name is a great choice to make it personal.


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