Using Badge Accessories for Your Halloween Costume

Using Badge Accessories for Your Halloween CostumeOK, we know the most obvious costume ideas for badge holders are to dress up as a doctor or nurse. But we encourage you to get a little more creative than that, especially if you work in the healthcare industry! We know that you have it in you!

Sometimes, all you need to give a Halloween costume the perfect touch is a small item. In this case, a badge holder can set your costume above all the creative ones. Oftentimes, you actually do need a sign that tells everyone exactly who you are!

Creative Ways to Use Badge Holders for Your Costume

Badge holders dont have to be used specifically for signage per-say. They can also be used as an accessory.

One of the more popular costumes for this years creatives is the Orange is the New Blacks Alex Vause ensemble. For healthcare professionals, this wouldnt be too much of a stretch as this character is known for wearing scrubs. However, the more notable items that make this creative costume idea pop are the eyeglasses, temporary tattoos, and of course the identification (ID) badge that says Alex Vause. With this clever costume, theres no guessing who you are for Halloween. Check out the Alex Vause costume ensemble here.

Since we're on the topic of healthcare

Zombie Nurseor Doctor. Either One

Nothing says Halloween like scary zombies! Look at this cool zombie nurse outfit here! Note the badge holder tuck under the left arm. You cant be a legitimate nurse without an ID!

NCIS Abby Sciuto

Are you a NCIS fan? If youre going to dress up like the character Abby Sciuto, then you better get an ID badge that says so! Check out what youll need to dress up like this character for Halloween here.

The Social Butterfly

Now, this one is just too cute! It can be said that the hybrid costumes are the best. It takes a clever mind to come up with the crafty combination of the Social Butterfly. Here, a young lady simply straps some wings to her back, and bought what looks to be at least four Premium Horizontal Convention Size Vinyl Badge Holders (506-J) to display some of the most popular social networks we use today. Her costume can be found here.

The Cop

Its not frowned upon if you want to dress up as a law enforcement officer. There are many different branches: policeman, FBI, SWAT, undercover Here again, you can be as creative as you like. However, whichever branch you plan to represent, youre going to need an ID badge to make the costume work. Otherwise, you might end up looking like a superherowhich isnt bad either, but if you chose this costume and didnt have an ID badge like a Boston Leather Badge Holder with Neck Chain (4050) to make it pop, then yes, you might be mistaken a superhero!

Any Ideas?

There is so much fun to be had for the Halloween season. And the team at Specialist ID wants you to know that were here to supply you with badge holders and accessories to help make your Halloween costume shine. Place your order online with us today. No minimum order is required unless you are requesting a customized item.

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