Using Colored Badge Holders to Quickly Identify Roles in a Team

Sometimes, you just have to go back to preschool when it comes to organizing people! Theres something to be said about color coordinating building blocks and following the instructions to numbered coloring books! Such juvenile learning concepts can still be applied to professional management. Everything from the filing system to ID badges, coordinating things by color is often the most effective way for everyone to understand the order of things.

How Color Coding Helps Professionals

In a fast-paced environment, not everyone is going to have time to stop and read the name on every badge holderplus, it might be a little weird to stare at someone that long. In reality, if you're able to read someones ID badge, its usually because you're already close enough and most likely, have engaged in conversation.

If you're in a work environment where you're coming and going on a frequent basis, perhaps you might want to consider using a different method in better identifying personnel. Its the old tried and true color identification method! Specialist ID, a wholesale ID badge and accessory distributor in Miami, stocks government and military-sized horizontal and vertical color-coded badge holders some with matching color lanyards. This is going to be one of the most effective ways to quickly identify roles in a team or department.

Other Color Coding ID Options

If you prefer to tone down the color on the ID badge, then you can purchase badge holders without the matching color lanyard. In fact, when it comes to lanyards, you can choose from a selection of flat or woven rope. You can choose from a breakaway or a non-breakaway lanyard. You can even custom design a lanyard with your companys logo on it!

Read all about how to custom design a lanyard for your business here.

As far as color-coded badge holders go, you also have a choice of purchasing a transparent holder with just a colored bar at the top, or having the color cover up one side of the badge holder. In this case, only one side will be transparent. All of these badge holders come with pre-punch slot holes to accommodate lanyards and badge clips. Each of these holders is big enough to hold one credit card sized ID badge. The ID will slip in easily but will secure it enough so that it wont slip out.

The colors that you can select from are: black, blue, green, orange, red, white, and yellow. Keep in mind that you can also purchase badge holders without any color at all. We just want you to know that this is also an option for you.

Get Help from the ID Badge Experts

Specialist ID has a wide selection of ID badge solutions for your business. Let us assist you in figuring out which kind of badge ID and accessories will help you better organize personnel roles. Our friendly staff of customer service representatives is on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding your badge ID needs. Call us today at 1-800-380-6726 or contact us online!

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