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Waterproof ID Holders for Summer Use

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During the summer months, most people tend to be more active. There's usually more outside events and activities going on. For some regions in the country, the weather is fair year-round, and outdoor activities are an on-going event. Whether your summer activities are indoors or outdoors whether you're planning an event or attending one, chances are you might be able to benefit from a waterproof ID holder.

Best Solution for Lakes and Beaches

One of the first places that people migrate to during the summer months is to the beach or lake. The dilemma that most people run into when skirting off to these oases is finding a place to hide their credit card and ID while going for a swim. Waterproof ID holders are perfect for maintaining your important documents when you are on the go and want to carry only the bare necessities.

Getting your Waterproof ID at the Best Price

Specialist ID, a wholesale distributor of custom badges and accessories, carries a large selection of waterproof cases. They're all relatively the same in that they protect your documents from all types of elements, but they're also offered in different styles, colors, and dimensions.

Witz Brand

The brand that Specialist IDcarries is Witz. The smallest ones can hold only ID badges. Others can hold glasses and even passports. While you can find Witz badge holders at waterparks and theme parks, you'll find that they will be much more expensive there. Whether you want to buy in bulk or just purchase one, you can buy as many waterproof ID holders from Specialist ID. There is no minimum order.

Our Witz brand starts out at$6.95 per unit, but this price can reduce if you choose to purchase a bulk amount. So while it's not required to purchase in bulk, its most certainly recommended to do so as this will provide you with long term savings.

Specialist ID stocks four bands of Witz ID cardholders:

Witz ID LockerClear Waterproof Badge Holder (02011) 

Dimensions:4.25 x 3.25 x .75

Capacity:13 standard credit card sized IDs

View a video demonstration here.

Witz See It Safe Waterproof IDBadge Holder (P/N 004)

Dimensions:2.5 x 3.7 x .75

Capacity:10 standard credit card sized IDs

Colors: Blue, Clear, Green, Military Green, Orange, Purple, Red, and Yellow

View video demonstration here.

Witz Surf Safe Small CamoWaterproof Sports Cases (P/N 201) 

Dimensions:2.5 x 3.7 x .75

Capacity:10 standard credit card sized IDs

Colors: Cameo Blue, Cameo Green, and Cameo Pink

*Comes with an O-ring

View a video demonstration here.

Witz Passport LockerWaterproof ID Badge Holder (050)

Dimensions:3.78 x 5.57 x .87

Capacity:10 standard credit card sized IDs

Colors: Camo Blue, Camo Green, and Camo Pink

*Comes with an O-ring

View a video demonstration here.

With any of these waterproof ID holders, you can store cash, credit cards, and even your passport, and know that the contents are securely sealed tight. Visit our website today to view all of the waterproof badge holders that we have available for you. If you have any questions, contact us through our online form today!