What is a RFID Chip?

Whether you're living in America or not, we're all surrounded by chips. But I'm not talking about poker chips or potato chips, today I want to discuss the RFID chip, and how you can control your privacy with RFID blocking devices.

So what is a RFID Chip?

RFID chips (also referred to as RFID tags) carry Radio-Frequency Identification technology (RFID) that shoot a data signal from an electronic chip to a computer or anyone with an RFID skimming device.

That information can then be processed, changed, updated, and locked. And it all happens in far less time than it took you to read this sentence.

They also come in many various sizes: such as really small or teeny-tiny. You can probably even fit like fifty of them in your hands and still have room for a hundred or more

As a matter of fact, there's probably one in your ID card, keys, hotel pass, smartphone, or credit card right now.

You just haven't noticed it yet.

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Well how does this affect me?

In SO many ways!

RFID technology allows us to perform many tasks at a quicker pace than ever before.

Think about it for a second since RFID can read and write information, with a single flick of the wrist, you have the extraordinary ability to:

  • Unlock your hotel room
  • Clock in and out of work
  • Withdraw money from an ATM machine
  • Share your exact location

Yet these are only a few examples of how RFID chips can positively affect you on a day-to-day basis.

But its also important to note that there is a dark side to this, quick and invisible exchange of personal information flying through the air. RFID has quietly become one of the main resources available for identity theft and credit card fraud.

Voltaire once said, With great power comes great responsibility.

Yet nowadays, its easy for anyone to go online and buy a cheap RFID reader and steal your identity or access your credit card number, without even having to pickpocket you. If you're carrying an RFID chip, then you're vulnerable to thievery and exploitation.

How easy is it to be targeted?

Way too easy. You simply must cross someone with an RFID skimming device so they can scan you in a manner of seconds. It's like fishing, but for criminals.

All it takes for you to become another victim is to be in the wrong place at the right time. The most common places these RFID hackers choose to find their next prey are in highly populated areas, where people are packed in close.

Five places you're most vulnerable are when you are:

  1. Shopping at the mall
  2. Running around the airport
  3. Cheering at a stadium
  4. Relaxing in a movie theater
  5. Walking around campus

Well is there any way I can protect myself?

Yes! Thankfully, RFID blocking devices can keep your information safe by blocking readers from finding your signal. Once your ID, passport, ticket or keys are stored inside these RFID shielded devices, your information cant be read without your permission.

With media outlets buzzing on the Student Locator Project being implemented in Texas School Systems lately, these RFID holders are becoming more popular than ever before, as people are trying to protect themselves from this ever-increasing technology. They're the safest measure you can take if you want to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Banks, hospitals, correctional facilities, and other places where employees carry photo IDs with sensitive information stored on them have chosen SkimSAFE RFID Badge Holders to outfit their staff. However, if you have a credit or debit card, then you could also benefit from using an RFID shielded badge holder.

All of these RFID Shielded Badge Holders are FIPS 201 approved to fit the specific personal identity verification standards for federal employees and contractors. You can choose either single or Skim Safe Dual RFID Badge Holders for carrying two cards in one badge holder.

The dual card holders are great for people that carry two IDs at a time, but don't want to carry two ID badge holders. These will allow you to fit 2 cards in 1 holder (one on the front and one on the back) and allow each of them to face forward. All you'd have to do is flip it over on the other side.

Our rigid plastic RFID badge holders are extra stiff and sturdy to prevent the ID card from bending while also protecting the data on the ID card. Although the vinyl RFID holders will bend, they're less bulky and will still protect your card from water, grease, and smudge. They all come in either black, blue, clear or vinyl.

To use your RFID cardholder, simply slide your favorite lanyard through the slots and feed your card(s) into the badge holder. You can choose to display your ID either vertically or horizontally

You can also use our SkimSAFE RFID blocking sleeves for your passports, keys and credit cards.

If you have any other questions about the RFID Shielded Badge Holders, the items we carry, or comments on this article, please leave us a note below and well get back to you at our earliest convenience.

Check out this video below of Patrick showing how to wear and use on of our favorite RFID Card Holders a Blue SkimSafe Fips 201 RFID Blocking Blue Single Card ID Holder AH-200 BLU.

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