What Purchasing Managers Look for when Buying ID Supplies

What Purchasing Managers Look for when Buying ID Supplies

When it comes to purchasing managers buying identification (ID)supplies, the approach is somewhat different. Purchasing managers main priority is to find ID supplies at the best price and getting the best value for their organization. Purchasing managers are oftentimes somewhat removed from the selection process and may not know the details or specifics of the products on the purchase orders they are issuing. The cost for some types of ID supplies can run pretty similar, give or take away a few cents. But the real savings comes in when these items are bought in bulk.

Here, we'll provide some helpful suggestion for purchasing what managers need to look for when stocking their ID supplies as well as how much money they can save.

So Many Options!

Believe it or not, the ID supply industry is huge! There are so many options for certain kind of applications that you may not have known were available to you. So if it's your first time pricing ID badges and supplies, it's quite natural to be unaware of the different kinds of supplies.

This is where the knowledgeable team at Specialist ID comes in. We've been supplying businesses with ID badges and accessories for over 10years. Throughout this time, we have become quite familiar with what kind of ID supplies each industry prefers. Located in Miami, Florida, we carry a very large inventory of the most popular badge holders, so your order will usually be shipped out to you anywhere in the United States within 24 hours, provided that it's not a custom order. Specialized orders require 6 10 business days of lead-time.

Here is a short list of what some of the industries prefer:

Hospitals Badge Buddies, retractable lanyards, and clear vinyl pocket protectors with an ID badge holder tend to be the most requested type of ID badge and accessories in this industry.

Government The two-card holder and retractable lanyards are the most popular with government agencies.

Correctional Facilities Specialist ID highly recommends Arm Badge Holders as the primary source for ID holders, because they keep your hands free to handle any unlikely situation that may occur.

Schools Breakaway lanyards. Supplying this ID accessory is required by most school districts. These are also good for preventing any choking hazards. SpecialistIDs breakaway lanyards come in different colors that can match your school colors. To get more useful information on our breakaway lanyards, read HowLanyards Help Brand Your Company or Event here.

If you are in any of these industries, you'll now be better equipped to ask for exactly what you need. And if you are still a bit confused, the team at Specialist ID is more than happy to guide you to get the right kind of ID badge and/or accessory you need for your employees.

Costs and Savings

There is no minimum order with Specialist ID, so although you're not required to buy a bulk amount, there are benefits! If you buy 25 or more of our ID badges and/or accessories, you will receive a discount on the unit price. The more you buy, the bigger the discount!

To learn more about Specialist IDs ID badges and accessories and our discounts, contact us today online, or call toll-free at 1-800-380-6726. Miami residents can call 305-220-5500.

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