Where Can I Buy Lanyards Online?


Honestly, you can use your search engine and find a decent lanyard, but you have to take the shipping cost into consideration as well as any future orders. And as a purchaser, its best to find a wholesale distributor that can supply you with a bulk amount of lanyards at any given time, all of the time. Going with the cheapest supplier online doesn't guarantee quality service either. There's a chance you may have bought out the buyers' entire inventory. Then you're forced to find another distributor who may or may not have the kind of lanyards you purchased before.

Appearances Matter

No matter where you work and what kind of business your company is operating, its always best to have a sense of uniformity in all things. It reflects a form of organization within the company. Something that might seem insignificant like lanyards can usually have a pretty big impact.

Uniformity = Authenticity

For example, if you need lanyards for coaching college football, each coaching team would need their own lanyard to display their name badges. Its going to be extremely helpful if each team coaching staff were assigned their own color. That way officials along with players will be able to rightfully distinguish one team from the other. But if one team has an assortment of lanyards, it could get confusing. Furthermore, ifits even the same color, but different style, who's to say that person is an official member of the coaching team?

This is usually why some companies will get customized lanyards that have their logo or some sort of print that helps ID that person wearing it. By having a customized lanyard that's printed, at the very least you'll be able to identify what team or organization that person is associated with.

Think About The Tasks. What Kind of Lanyard is Better for the Job?

In addition to properly identifying someone, its also smart to be practical. You can choose from the breakaway or non-breakaway lanyards. Something like this can make all the difference between life and death. If you have personnel who are working around any type of machinery, then the breakaway lanyard is the best option if you must go with a lanyard.

SpecialistID, a wholesale badge and accessory distributor based in Miami, Florida, recommends arm badge IDs for anyone working around machinery. You can read more about the type of arm badge IDs that we offer here.

Other Options

Another option you have when shopping around for a good lanyard is the type of material. You can go with the 1/8 round braid that's also available in different color choices, or you and go with the 3/8 flat braid. The flat braid is what you will need should you choose to get a customized lanyard, because this provides enough space for printing.

To learn more about the types of lanyards Specialist ID offers, view our online inventory here.

Place your order online with us in bulk or purchase one of each kind so that you can determine for yourself the feel and quality. Call us toll-free at 1-800-380-6726 or if you're local to the Miami area call 305-220-5500. You can also reach out to us online today and get everything you need in one click!

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