Why Badge Buddies are So Useful for Medical Centers & Hospitals


Medical centers and hospitals are a 24-hour facility with people coming and going on a consistent basis from employees, medical staff, visitors, and maintenance. The nature of the work within the healthcare industry has a high liability risk. Hospital administrators do all they can to decrease these risks. Aside from the more technical parts of the healthcare business, oftentimes, the simplest things that can result in good business practice in this industry is supplying medical staff and personnel with proper identification.

For the healthcare industry no matter which field you work in, wearing a Badge Buddy is not an option. It sounds simple, but its effective so much that its actually mandated by law for all healthcare facilities to be properly ID with a Badge Buddy.

According to the PA Bill 1482,all healthcare employees are expected to wear an employee badge while on the clock. The badge must include the employees full name, their job title, the name of the healthcare facility they're working at and a recent photo ID.

This is why the Badge Buddy has become the most preferred type of ID for healthcare personnel. The Bill further states that the job title printed on the badge must be as large as possible in block type and shall occupy a one-half inch tall strip as close as practicable to the bottom edge of the badge.

While Specialist ID stocks many pre-printed healthcare titles ready to ship out at a moments notices, the Bill is quite specific on certain job titles that we also have in stock. The following are the kinds of Badge Buddies titles that the bill requires to stock for your healthcare facility:

  • For a medical doctor = Physician
  • For a doctor of Osteopathy = Physician
  • For a Registered Nurse = Registered Nurse
  • For a Licensed Practical Nurse = Licensed Practical Nurse

Those are the regulated titles. As far as the other professional titles go, the bill has stated that the department of the respective healthcare facility can choose the type of tile they want their employee to have. Administrators will also have the liberty to use abbreviated titles for positions that reflect a licensure or certification by a Commonwealth agency. In a case like this, Specialist ID offers purchasing administrators the option to custom design their Badge Buddy on our website.

Customizing your own supply of ID Badge Buddies is simple with Specialist ID. All it takes is just a simple few clicks of the button and you'll be able to see exactly how your Badge Buddies will look before placing your order.

With our preprinted Badge Buddies, there is no minimum order, but with our custom feature, you'll have to allow 10-14 days of lead time for production.

Take a look at how our custom printed Badge Buddies can work for your healthcare facility:

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