Why Hospitals Should Require Custom Lanyards

Why Hospitals Should Require Custom Lanyards

Hospitals are stressful environments. Emergencies call for speedy responses and do not grant time for mistakes such as misidentification or lost items. Preparation and organization are essential for a consistent workflow in a fast-paced setting. Requiring doctors, nurses, janitors, and other hospital workers to wear custom lanyards is a simple step to ensure these mistakes don't happen and safety and organization stay top of mind. 

Lanyards rest gently around the back of your neck and land around your belly button to display your ID badge for immediate identification. Custom lanyards could benefit hospitals in many ways, as they are easily distinguishable, add extra safety, and are convenient for everyday use. At Specialist ID, we recognize the stress hospitals endure and have come up with a few reasons why hospitals should require custom lanyards

Custom lanyards are easily distinguishable

Custom lanyards provide an extra layer of visibility. Although doctors and nurses are already required to display ID badges, adding custom lanyards allow hospital employees to be seen and recognized from afar. Lanyards also encourage using said ID badges, as it securely holds them in place for easy use. Increased visibility also leaves patients more relaxed. If all doctors and nurses wear custom lanyards, it is easier to remain at ease knowing you are in the care of professionals. 











Boost unity and brand identity

Custom lanyards promote unity for all healthcare professionals. No matter which department you work in, custom lanyards make you feel included in the workplace. When employees feel welcomed, they enjoy showing up for work. Custom lanyards also foster brand recognition and identity by promoting logos and colors on the lanyards. A well-known hospital brings reassurance to patients—and boosting your hospital's brand with custom lanyards is an easy way to do this. If you want to add a little more a customized badge buddy is a great way to display staff badges. At Specialist ID, we carry many colors, so it is easy to find your hospital's colors.  

Build consistency within departments

Hospitals already implement color-coded scrubs, so why not color-coded lanyards? Custom color-coded lanyards make it easy for patients or new employees to understand the roles of each person in the hospital. For example, surgeons could wear yellow; interns could wear green; clerical workers could wear red, etc. Consistency assures patients, visitors, and new employees know who they need to speak to in emergencies.





They are convenient for multi-purpose use

Healthcare workers need convenient accessories to help them throughout the day. This heavy-duty breakaway lanyard includes a keychain to attach your ID badge holder, keys, and other vital items. The breakaway feature allows you to unbuckle things from your lanyard to access security checkpoints quickly. It also adds an extra safety precaution because it snaps apart when snagged or pulled and buckles back together afterward. This lanyard is great for healthcare workers that need to rid of their lanyard quickly in emergencies.






Stay healthy at work

Covid-19 and germs still pose threats to hospitals. Our face mask lanyards fight against germs that quickly spread. These lanyards are comfortable to wear all day and provide extra protection with antimicrobial straps. These straps help ward off germs before they get the chance to spread. Adjustable straps make it easy to adjust your lanyard and mask to fit, so you don't worry about your mask dropping onto surfaces where germs can latch on. It also prevents the risk of losing your mask or mistaking yours for a coworker's. 











Although lanyards may not be the most glamorous accessories, custom lanyards help hospitals stay safe and organized. By wearing custom lanyards, healthcare workers can easily pass through checkpoints, and they also boost security and safety for employees and patients. Head over to the Specialist ID website to browse our variety of custom lanyards for your hospital staff.

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