Why Smart Businesses Keep a Hand-Held Slot Punch


If you and your employees are required to wear a form of ID on the job, then pay close attention! I'm going to let you in on a smart tip that can save you from problems that emerge when slot punched ID cards are in circulation at the office. You wont find this helpful tip in any book, and I wasn't even aware of its existence until I was reviewing our previous orders from some of the largest and most successful businesses in the world.

There was a similarity between their orders that was so unpredictable, it practically leaped out of the page and threw itself at me. They had all purchased around half a dozen or so of our Hand-Held Slot Punchers. I didn't understand. Why would such successful companies choose a manual slot punch over an electronic slot punch, , and stapler-style slot punch? Those are all ten times easier for slot punching hundreds of cards at a time.

But as soon as I put myself in their shoes, I realized it made perfect sense. Continue reading below to learn why smart businesses keep a hand-held slot punch.

When you need to outfit a few hundred employees with slot punched IDs, its wise to order in bulk. Yet when you gain just a few new employees, or an ID card goes missing, outsourcing for a hundred more ID cards so one new person can wear their ID on a lanyard, strap clip, or any badge reel isn't very beneficial. That's why these companies have chosen handheld slot punchers for these unique situations.

Although this manual slot punch comes disassembled, it is really simple to put together. After, it feels like you're holding onto indestructible steel that's proudly made in the USA. The adjustable guide helps you accurately punch holes in the center of your ID cards every time by guiding you towards the same space you'd like punched on your ID cards. Simply place your ID card within the adjustable guides at 1/4″ reach from the edge, and press down with your hands as if you were punching holes in a paper with a manual hole puncher and you'll have created a 1/2 inch by 1/8th inch hole punch in your ID card without having to outsource or buy an expensive machine to do this for you.

Afterward, you can attach your ID card to a lanyard, strap clip, or any badge reel of your choosing (we keep our store packed with plenty of options if you're looking for some good ones), and your ID card will be ready to put to use. I wanted to have a little fun and experimented with how many times I could use this before my hand got tired, and once I got up to 75 slot punches I decided it would be ridiculous for me to continue because my hand started hurting enough for me to not recommend using it beyond that many times (even though I could have kept on going.) Although you can definitely use this product a dozen or so times a day, I would recommend you check out the other Slot Punch in our store if you need to use it thousands of times in one day, because otherwise, your hand might turn into jelly. However, I cant see this ever needing to be replaced and still think its always convenient to be able to punch a few slot holes manually.

That is why we recommend grabbing at least 2 of these for every hundred employees you have. These user-friendly slot punches are the simplest solution for manually punching slot holes into plastic standard sized ID cards (up to 33 mm in height), because of its compact, reliable, and tough as nails. We use these pretty regularly and you can easily fit one of these handheld slot card punchers in a drawer, office, toolkit, or more.

With ID cards becoming more and more popular, an id badge hold punch is soon to become one of the most popular and handy devices in offices, schools, and making this one of those must-have handy items for every one that uses a slot punch ID. You never know when you'll need to make a custom slot punch. Its more convenient economically as well than buying bigger machines that are better equipped for punching multiple cards because these are best served for punching holes one card at a time.

As long as you don't let it rust I wouldn't be surprised if it lasted multiple lifetimes, making this the type of generational product we like carry here in our store at Specialist ID. If you would like to see this slot punch put to use, check out our instructional YouTube video, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us online or leave us a comment and well be happy to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

If at the end of the day, however, your company decides it doesn't want to place slot holes in their ID card, you can always get an ID badge holder that already comes with a slot hole punch.

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