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EK Black Lanyard with Dual-Sided Smart Card Holder (10942) by EK USA

Product Price: $17.10 ea. Sold Individually

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Part number: 10942-Black

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  • Breakaway Lanyard with Detachable Buckles
  • Dual-Sided Smart Card Holder Fits Any Standard Sized ID Card
  • Rugged 100% Nylon Rope
  • Black Color

Dual-Sided Smart Card Holder w/ Detachable Black Lanyard (10942) by EK USA

This Dual-Sided Smart Card Holder with a Detachable Lanyard by EK USA not only features the industry’s best Smart Card, CAC Card, or credit card holder, but also attaches it to a rugged 22” (559mm) 3.5mm thick 100% nylon rope for extra longevity. This product doesn’t contain any metal, so it’s a great lanyard for employees that are required to pass through sensitive security systems while still carrying their ID’s, and/or to swipe their card through POS systems and other card readers.

Because the 10942 is dual sided, it fits two standard credit card sized ID’s in just one plastic compartment. It also features a detachable buckle so that you can unbuckle the Smart Card ID Badge Holder from your black lanyard, and then you can simply buckle it back on afterwards. To use this product, simply place it around your neck and then slide an ID card in the front side, and another on the backside. This lanyard is all black and comes with an adjustable clinch so that you can adjust the size of the loop around your neck. It was designed with your safety in mind, and if your lanyard were to become snagged on something and choke you, it will snap apart with its rubber connections breakaway feature.

EK Black Lanyard with Dual-Sided Smart Card Holder (10942) by EK USA