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3-in1 ID Card Slot Punch w/ 1 hole Punch and Corner Rounder

Product Price: $44.95 ea. Sold Individually

Availability: Usually ships in 24 Hours
Part number: SPID-9520

  • Punching capacity 1.0mm PVC/Plastic or 20 sheets of 20lb paper.
  • Adjustable knob is easy and quick to switch between the 3 different functions
  • Durable, corrosion resistant alloy steel punching device
  • 1-hole paper punch (1/4" hole)
  • Slot Punch for ID Badges or Name Tags
  • Corner Cutter (4mm radius)
  • Small Foot Print
  • Less Stress on Hands than with Stapler Style Punches

3-in 1 ID Card Slot Punch w/ 1 hole Punch and Corner Rounder

This is one of our best selling, most versatile slot punches. Easy-to-use for slot punching your ID cards, this slot-puncher has an adjustable guide to keep the slot centered. It also will round corners and do round hole punches with a simple slide lever adjustment.  Offers three punches in one!  Round Hole (1/4"),  Slot Hole (Rectangular 1/8" X 9/16" ) and Corner Rounder.

It comes standard with an adjustable guide. Since it sits on your table, it makes it easy to punch a lot of cards without getting your hands tired. The design of this punch automatically catches the punches in the bottom tray, keeping your desk neat from hole punches. Just remove bottom piece and empty the tray straight into the trash whenever it gets full.

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