3 ID Products for Your Company on Veterans Day

3 ID Products for Your Company on Veterans Day

As Veterans' Day approaches, it's not only a time to reflect on the sacrifices and dedication of those who've served our country but also an opportunity for businesses to show their appreciation to those with military backgrounds. At Specialist ID, we believe in commemorating our heroes, and we have the perfect way for business owners to express their gratitude this Veterans' Day. We have curated a wide array of ID products specifically tailored to honor those who've proudly served in the armed forces. 

Veterans Day ID Specials

Our ID solutions go beyond the practicality of identification. From patriotic lanyards and badge reels featuring the American flag to specialized identification badges, we have many different products designed to honor our troops with style and respect. Let’s make this Veterans' Day memorable for everyone. Here are some of our favorite products: 

Support Our Troops Lanyard

This Veterans' Day, help your employees show that your company appreciates the dedication and service of our troops by gifting them our Support Our Troops lanyard. At Specialist ID, we understand the importance of honoring our veterans, and these lanyards are a tangible way to convey your gratitude. Each time your team members wear them, they'll not only carry their credentials but also wear their patriotism with pride. With a strong, durable design and camouflage pattern, these lanyards make a strong statement about your company's values and commitment to those who've served our country. Strengthen your team's camaraderie and boost morale this Veterans' Day with these lanyards. Order yours today!

American Flag Badge Reel

If lanyards aren’t the best option for your employees, let them wear their pride on their belt or pocket with our American flag badge reel. These stylish, high-quality badge reels not only hold your employees' IDs and badges securely but also serve as a powerful symbol of support for our brave servicemen and women. These badge reels are a practical way to carry ID cards, access badges, and keys while also serving as a constant reminder of the dedication and sacrifice of our veterans. The vibrant, eye-catching American flag design showcases your support for our troops in a meaningful way. These badge reels are not just an accessory; they're a statement of your company's commitment to veterans. Show your appreciation this Veterans' Day with our badge reels—get yours now!

American Flag Breakaway Lanyard

Express your business’s appreciation for the sacrifices of our veterans by equipping them with our American flag breakaway lanyard. These lanyards keep your employees' IDs and badges secure without getting in the way of their responsibilities. The eye-catching American flag design is a symbol of pride, freedom, and unity, reminding everyone of the sacrifices made for our nation. With a durable design and a convenient breakaway feature for safety, these lanyards are practical and purposeful. This Veterans' Day, show your gratitude with these American flag lanyards. Order today and celebrate Veterans' Day with a powerful display of support and respect.

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