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4 Accessories To Celebrate World Kindness Day

As we celebrate World Kindness Day this Saturday, it is important to remember that our participation in spreading kindness can be as simple as brightening someone’s day with a bright smile or colorful accessory. With most of our face-to-face interactions happening behind the protective fabric of our masks, it has become difficult to communicate our appreciation and love for each other through facial expressions alone. The weight of expressing kindness in our most mundane and passing interactions now rests on the accessories we choose that represent our quality and character of compassion. 

Certainly, these accessories do not need to be limited by the dictated items you must carry around for work. In fact, these items are further opportunities for expressing your celebration of kindness around the office. 

Specialist ID is here to help! With its vast array of colorful options and personalizable products, Specialist ID ensures you and your fellow employees can find joy in your professional ID badge holder accessories and use them as tools of expression. 

1- Rainbow Lanyard with Breakaway Clasp and Swivel Hook

This wildly colorful lanyard allows you to display your universal kindness and love while maintaining a secure grip of the keys and badge holders essential to your responsibility. This lanyard fits comfortably around your neck at a total length of 36 inches. Its swivel “J” clip attached to the double-sided rainbow band provides you with greater mobility. The addition of its breakaway feature allows you to transition through your tasks of the day with ease without fear of injury or discomfort. 



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2- ECO-Stylus Disposable Eco-friendly Touchscreen Pen

Be kind to mother earth with the purchase of these eco-friendly touchscreen styluses designed not only to brighten your day but to lighten the eco-footprint we leave behind. At a length of 3 inches, these disposable styluses rest comfortably in your hand as you participate in the reduction of spreading germs. With their green and blue color, these pens showcase a colorful representation of the earth and oceans that bring us natural joy. 




3- Polka Dot Pattern Fashion Lanyard With Lobster Hook And Key Ring

Who doesn’t smile at pink, blue, green, and purple polka dots? As the colors and pattern of this lanyard do their job of spreading joy among those who see you, you are able to enjoy the accessible lobster hook and key ring features. In addition to this lanyard’s suitable ⅝-inch width, it also protects you from potential neck injury with the inclusion of a breakaway lanyard safety feature. 

breakaway lanyard

4- ONE LOVE Patriotic B-Reel with Swivel Clip 

Command attention and communicate both your patriotism and universal love with this badge reel that features a practical swivel clip. With the backdrop pattern of a rainbow and the American flag, this item invites a universal understanding of kindness. As a highly mobile and moldable product, you can attach this reel and clip combo to any ID badge and clothing item you choose. 


badge reel

Finding accessories that fit both your work life and personal preferences does not need to be complicated. No matter your style of expression, Specialist ID is here to help ensure you put your kindest foot forward. For more accessories that make you smile, visit the Specialist ID website.

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