4 Ways to Customize Your Badge Holder and Show Off Your Style

4 Ways to Customize Your Badge Holder and Show Off Your Style

These days you can customize anything. Want a monogrammed dog sweater? Done. Need your initials on a toothbrush? Can do. Would love to see your name engraved on your coffee mug? No problem. Some would argue tattoos are just another form of customization, albeit on the skin. 

So is it any surprise that you can customize your ID badge holders as well? 

In some cases, of course, customization isn’t an option—but if you’ve got some freedom, and you’re wearing your badge holder every day, why not have some fun with it? Some companies are even taking the initiative to customize their badge holders for their entire teams. 

And the great news is, there are a number of handsome badge holder options to show off your company style, from color concepts to fabric choices, shapes to new sizes. Badge holder customization is really only as limited as your imagination. In this guide we’ll look at 4 ways to customize badge holders.

Branding, Baby

Branding is so important, but it need not end with a website and storefront logo. You can extend your brand well beyond your social media or online presence with badge holder customization. 

Specialist ID offers Custom Printed Badge Bottom Horizontal. These sturdy badge holders provide space for two lines of text at the bottom. We can custom print a title onto high quality laminated Teslin, perfectly fit for the smaller pocket below, and leave a completely clear opening for a standard photo ID badge to be inserted from the top. A great way to promote a company and build brand exposure, these badge holders can be reused for multiple events simply by removing the name tag within so you get more use for your money. 

Promo Perks

You know what people love? Free stuff. And what better way to give clients a freebie than with a customized item they’ll actually use? 

That’s why Specialist ID’s Custom Max Label Badge Reel with 1 Inch Smooth Face and Swivel Spring Clip makes such a great promotional item. The retractable reel is designed to hold any badge but also allows companies to get a little exposure by personalizing the face with a company logo or custom image. As a gift with purchase or holiday surcee, customized badge reels make a great item that beautifully showcases a business while still providing customers with a great tool.

Lanyard Looks

Of course, badge holders aren’t limited to plastic sleeves. Lanyards can also be personalized. Specialist ID has dozens of customization options for lanyards, from tailoring the fabric itself, to feature a tagline, to adding a Full Color Custom Dome Label, to a breakaway option. For a super sophisticated look, Specialist ID can Customize Breakaway Lanyard and Badge Reel Combo. That means that for those looking for a badge reel with the functionality of a lanyard all in one, they can personalize it with a logo or image of their choice. It doesn’t get more customized than that. 

Of course, if you want to take personalization up another level, Specialist ID can personalize a lanyard down to the thread color and material.The Custom Printed Lanyards tool allows customers to choose everything from end fittings to text printing methods. An ideal option for bulk orders, Specialist ID can turn customized lanyards around within two weeks.

Size Matters

Who says you have to have a rectangular badge holder? Why not go 4x4? Or 3x3? Specialist ID gives badge holder shoppers more options, not just the humdrum commonplace configurations. And that customization can make a business stand out. Dare to be different by choosing a badge holder that reshapes the way people look at IDs and catches attention in the process.

Of course, these are just a handful of ways to customize badges. But the team at Specialist ID knows that identification tools aren’t limited to mere personalization options like colors and sizes — as important as those are. 

Today, identification tools can drive a company’s security, branding, boost employee morale, and even encourage customer loyalty. 

So whether it’s a customized badge holder or the software to implement a new visitor identification strategy, there’s something for every ID needed at Specialist ID. 

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