6 Cute Lanyards for Keys and ID Cards

At Specialist ID we are known for our functional and durable lanyards. Even with the practicalities, aesthetics play a role in our design process. We have curated our wide selection of lanyards so you can easily find the most aesthetically pleasing lanyard out there. Discover which one best suits you.

Cute Lanyards with a Cause

3/8" Awareness Lanyard with Pink Ribbon

This is a pink lanyard with the breast cancer awareness ribbon printed on both sides. The bright pink color is pleasing to the eye. By wearing this lanyard, you will be supporting a great cause at the same time. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month but with this lanyard, you will be spreading awareness throughout the whole year.

Autism Awareness Flat Breakaway Lanyard with Swivel Hook

Our autism awareness lanyard features colorful puzzle pieces that represent autism. There are two select styles for this lanyard including pink and red. These lanyards are badge holders which makes them ideal for charity walks, fundraisers or even for your everyday job. This lanyard will look great holding your ID badge and keychain while you raise autism awareness.

Rainbow Lanyard with Swivel Hook

We consider this rainbow lanyard the most colorful in our entire selection. This lanyard is smooth and silky so it is very comfortable on the neck. You can wear it for events, parades, work, or school.

This lanyard comes with a swivel hook, making it the perfect ID holder. You can also slip on your key ring or key chains to keep your hands and pockets free.

Stylish Blue Lanyards

Cruisin Through Life Lanyard in Sky Blue

This is a breakaway neck lanyard for cruises or simply for those who are cruising through life. Great lanyard for keeping your ID or cruise cabin card. Keep your cruise card handy and never worry about losing it. Comfortable to wear and stylish, featuring shades of blue and a small iconic cruise ship pattern.

Blue Student Lanyard

When preparing for the school year, get this bright baby blue lanyard with “student” imprinted text along the front and back. This lanyard features a comfortable silky feel and safety breakaway component.

If your lanyard gets caught on something or someone pulls it, it will safely breakaway and you will remain unharmed. You can always clip it back together and continue using your lanyard. These lanyards are for identifying students in large crowds such as school trips and university events. If you consider yourself a student for life, always researching and learning, these lanyards are also great to identify yourself as part of a club or organization.

Neon Lanyard

Brighten up your day with this blue neon lanyard. This bright lanyard is perfect for concert passes, school, university, teachers, and more. This ⅝ wide, flat lanyard comes with the safety breakaway feature and a variety of stylish colors including neon blue, neon purple, neon green, neon yellow, neon orange, and neon pink. With your lanyard ID, you will access events and places that need to verify your identification in seconds.

Make The School Your Own

We love when aesthetics and function come together. Specialist ID is committed to their clients' satisfaction, this is why we provide cute lanyards with id holders of every color and different features. You may also custom make your own lanyard with our online designer.

If you have any questions about how to make your own lanyard or if you can’t find a specific product that you may have in mind contact usand we will happily assist you.

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