6 Reasons You Should Opt for a Wrist Coil Keychain Instead of an ID Badge Lanyard

6 Reasons You Should Opt for a Wrist Coil Keychain Instead of an ID Badge Lanyard

In today’s busy world, frontline workers often find themselves racing in and out of work, putting out fires (figuratively and literally) along the way. 

And many of these employees also are asked to wear an ID badge. Sometimes it’s just a nametag, other times it doubles as a door lock and is used to access POS/swipe card reader systems. 

Many people choose to wear their badges on lanyards around their necks but for some industries, a loose, swinging object might actually pose an additional risk. 

When a doctor is called to see an emergency patient, much like a tie, a lanyard badge can get in the way. The same holds true for a meat packing plant employee busy working the line. 

A lanyard badge, while so convenient in many other professions, can be a liability in others. That’s where a wrist coil chain comes in. Wrist coil chains are a great alternative to ID badge lanyards and offer the same convenience without the concern of getting in the way. 

Need more convincing? Here are 6 other reasons you should opt for a wrist coil keychain instead of an ID badge lanyard.clear wrist coil with keychain

1. Keys Please

In addition to providing an easy to access holder for your ID badge, wrist coils also come with the bonus of allowing you to keep important keys literally at hand at all times. 

The chain can easily accommodate a few keys so that while you’re on the go, you can also quickly drive a car, get into other buildings, or unlock your home door as need be.

2. Ankle It Up

Sometimes even wearing your ID badge on your wrist can get in the way. No trouble. The Wrist Coil Key Chain with ID Strap Clip from SpecialistID is stretchy and long enough to slip onto your ankle expanding up to 2 1/2" X 14 1/2" (63.5mm - 368mm). 

That means if you want to hide it under a sock, you can easily do so or just place it on your ankle for comfort. 

3. Work It Out

Unlike a lanyard which can flop around, a wrist coil keeps your badge put and that’s a bonus if you like to work out with your badge while keeping keys handy. 

Never wrestle with pockets again. Instead, slip your keys onto the 7/8" nickel-plated split ring and head out for your workout. From running to playing a pick-up game of basketball, the wrist coil helps you keep your most important items safe and on your person rather than in an unprotected gym bag or easily broken locker. 

4. Back-up Scrunchy

Ladies, call me crazy, but I’ve used wrist coils as hair accessories in a pinch. With the same qualities as a longer rubber band, these coils can and will work to throw up your hair in a bun should the need arise.

5. Easy Swap Out

The clear wrist coil from SpecialistID has a vinyl ID strap clip that's 2 3/4" (70mm) which you can use to slip your ID. 

And better yet? It’s adjustable format means that if you get a new badge or switch to a new job, you don’t have to throw out your wrist coil. Instead, you can just swap in your new identification nametag into the existing coil you love. 

6. Unobtrusive Look

Another factor that some lanyard wearers don’t enjoy is the obtrusive nature of the necklace look. Sure, some people, especially nurses, have found ways to jazz up their lanyard ID badge with reel flair sporting their favorite team logos, funny images, and monograms. 

But that’s not for everyone. Wrist coils, on the other hand, especially clear ones like this from SpecialistID, are relatively unobtrusive. It won’t disrupt an outfit or stand out when trying to communicate with coworkers like a lanyard worn on the front of most clothing will. 

Ultimately, the best badge ID attachment is a personal decision. 

And for some it may even be a matter of wearing what’s best for each day’s tasks. An EMS professional might appreciate a lanyard for in-office work, but then switch to a wrist coil when out on call. 

A physician, on the other hand, might wear a lanyard for hospital rounds, then switch to a wrist coil to grab a workout over lunch. That’s the beauty of having options. 

But for those who have an aversion to neckwear or just don’t like having a nametag flopping around their front all the time, the wrist coil is a great alternative providing flexibility, easy accessibility, and comfort while providing peace of mind that your most important accessories aren’t going anywhere and are safe on your person.

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