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4 Accessories To Wear On World Mental Health Day

Taking care of yourself, mentally and physically, is important for putting your best foot forward. Mental health is essential to your well-being, family and interpersonal relationships, and the way you contribute to the community or society. How you feel can affect every aspect of your life, so it is vital to always make sure you have as many good days as possible.

World Mental Health Day is an international day for mental health education, awareness, and support against social stigmas surrounding mental illnesses. To show your support, here are four accessories to wear for World Mental Health Day—and year-round to bring awareness.

Autism Awareness Badge Reel
The Autism Awareness Badge Reel is a good way to show your support for those living with autism. The Autism Awareness ribbon, the puzzle pattern, reflects the complexity and diversity of the people and families on the autism spectrum. Through the various bright colors and shapes, the ribbon also signals hope that people with autism can lead complete and courageous lives with the help of early intervention and proper treatments. This special badge reel has a standard belt clip and vinyl strap for your essentials, however, the manufacturer will donate 10% of the proceeds to the Autism Speaks Foundation.

Autism Awareness Badge Reel (2124-3050) 2124-3050

Autism Awareness Flat Breakaway Lanyard
For a more apparent accessory, the Autism Awareness Flat Breakaway Lanyard is great to wear during charity walks, fundraisers, or at your everyday job. Like the awareness badge reel, this lanyard symbolizes the same hope and support of individuals and families that are living with autism. it comes with a breakaway feature to prevent choking or other harm. With the bright, attention-grabbing colors, it will be easy for you to bring awareness and support to such a great cause. The puzzle emblem on this lanyard is available in pink or red.

Red Autism Awareness Flat Breakaway Lanyard With Swivel Hook (2138-5281, 2138-5282) 2138-5282

Heart Shaped Badge Reel
Sporting a Heart Badge Reel will visibly show off the love you have for yourself and the others around you. Self-love is an important part of taking care of yourself and should be acknowledged as much as possible. Share this badge reel with your family and friends to show them how much they are loved by others. This reel is available in three different colors.

Translucent Red Heart Shaped Badge Reel With Rotating Spring Clip (P/N 2120-761X) 2120-7616

Earth Friendly Bamboo Breakaway Lanyard
The color green symbolizes awareness for mental illnesses including bipolar disorder, autism, and depression. The Earth Friendly Bamboo Breakaway Lanyard is a great way to wear green and go green too. These bamboo lanyards are softer than cotton and have a silky texture. They also naturally draw moisture away from your skin, so you can stay cool and dry throughout the day. The "no-twist" wide plastic hook keeps your ID badge or badge holder visible at all times and ready to go whenever you need it. These biodegradable lanyards will keep your essentials close at hand, help save the planet, and bring awareness to mental health, a win-win-win.

Red Earth Friendly Bamboo Lanyard With Breakaway 2137-204X 2137-2048

Take time this World Mental Health Day to support and connect with loved ones. Visit the Specialist ID website for more green lanyards, badge reels, badge holders, and more!

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