5 Back-To-School Accessories For Success

5 Back-To-School Accessories For Success

Whether you're a teacher, parent, or student, it's crucial to have the right accessories to help you succeed. We've put together this list of 5 back-to-school accessories to help ensure a successful school year!

Like many students, you or your child probably feel a mix of excitement and nerves as the start of the school year approaches. One of the best ways to ease things is by preparing and getting your supplies in order. Here are some must-have accessories for a successful school year.

1. Luggage Tag Holder for backpacks  

Kids are returning to school, so mornings are spent getting them ready and out the door on time! No doubt, one of the things on your list is to make sure they have their name on their backpack and lunchbox. An easy way to do this is with a personalized luggage tag holder. This is a great way to keep track of your child's backpack, especially if they are taking it on the bus or to after-school activities. We have various colors and styles, and there's no minimum order. So you can get one for your kids or the whole class! And because our luggage tags are made from durable plastic, they'll stand up to wear and tear all year. 



2. Triple Breakaway “No Choke” Safety Lanyard

Safety is always a top concern. A triple no choke safety breakaway lanyard is perfect for students who need to wear ID badges or keys around their necks. These lanyards snap apart if they become snagged or pulled, helping to prevent accidental choking in environments with potential threats, like the jungle gyms at recess. It's great for field trips and outings where students might need to have their hands free. The wide plastic hook also features a "no twist" end, keeping ID cards facing forward. For extra security you can slip your card into a ID badge holder. This makes it quick and easy for teachers and staff to identify students, even during busy times like lunch or drop-off and pick-up.








3. Face Mask Lanyard 

Face masks have become an essential part of our lives since the pandemic began. A face mask helps protect yourself and others from contracting Covid and other viruses. However, face masks can be difficult to keep track of, especially for children. Face mask lanyards are a vital part of staying safe, and the antimicrobial lanyard makes it easy to keep track of your mask while you're on the go. This antimicrobial face mask lanyard is an excellent option for germ-contaminated environments like schools and keeps the mask in place and prevents it from getting lost. 



4. Non-Expiring Visitor Log Book

Keeping track of guests and visitors is necessary to keep students and faculty safe, which is why we developed a visitor log book for schools. This log book makes it easy to log and ID visitors at any school building quickly. The logbook has everything you need to get started, including badges. The receptionist simply fills out the badge with the person's information and leaves it recorded in the log book. With this visitor log book, you can keep track of everyone who steps onto school grounds. It is vital to provide a safe environment for our children, and this system is just one more way that we can ensure their safety.






5. School Hall Pass Lanyards

As a teacher, one of your primary concerns is keeping track of your children throughout the day. Not only do you need to know where they are during class, but you also need to be able to quickly and easily identify them if they need to step out for any reason. That's where these lanyard passes come in handy! With six different passes in the set—including Hall, Nurse, Office, Boys Restroom, Girls Restroom, and Library—you'll be sure to have one for every occasion. Similar to a badge buddies these are great for keeping track of students and staff. Each pass has durable material that is easy to wipe clean, and the lanyard breakaway for safety. And because they're easy to grab and go, your students will be out of the classroom and back in no time!




The start of a new school year is always exciting, and we hope our list of back-to-school accessories for success has helped you get ready. Whether a student or teacher, we have everything you need to make this year your best. Head to Specialist ID and check out our selection of products!

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