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5 Badge Lanyards To Gift Your Grandparents On Senior Citizen Day

Whether it’s by blood or tight bonds, our families are one of the things we cherish most in life. From birthdays to anniversaries to graduations and retirements, we share and celebrate all of our memorable moments with each other. Grandparents have been there from the beginning, sharing their love with you and everyone in the family. Since we celebrate it all, it is time for grandparents to be celebrated as well.

National Senior Citizen Day honors all adults who are over 60. To celebrate your grandparents and all that they have accomplished, give them something they will love this weekend. Here are five perfect badge lanyards to help you out.

Cruisin Through Life™ Lanyard in Sky Blue - Breakaway Neck Lanyard

An ideal gift for National Senior Citizen Day is the Cruisin Through Life™ Breakaway Lanyard. The vibrant colors and bold font easily allows you to let the world know what you’re doing or where you’d rather be. This lanyard is great if your grandparents travel often or they are happily retired enjoying life one day at a time! 

Black VIP Lanyard

Your Very Important People are guaranteed to feel special with a couple of Very Important Black VIP Lanyards. With bold “V.I.P.” text on the front, this lanyard also comes with a nickel-plated steel hook to attach ID badges, badge holders, and other tools one might need for their very important day-to-day schedule. It has a safety breakaway feature to prevent any neck injuries and it is easily reattachable. Grandma and Grandpa will love showing off how important they are to their grandchildren!

Black VIP Lanyards (SPID-2020-BLK) SPID-2020-BLK

Black EK Lanyard Plus with Soft End And Fused Clip

If your family loves being on the move, then the Black EK Lanyard Plus with Soft End And Fused Clip is the right gift. This heavy duty lanyard is made with 100% nylon rope and is built for the outdoor environment. The unique soft loop lets you carry different items including keys, ID badges, and other tools and miscellaneous objects. This is perfect for grandparents who are still active and enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing and camping. 

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Black EK Lanyard Plus with Soft End And Fused Clip (10761) by EK USA 10761-Black

Adjustable Length Face Mask Lanyard

The Adjustable Length Face Mask Lanyard is a simple gift that’s easy and convenient to use. It securely holds your facemask and decreases the risk of losing it or placing it on a dirty surface. This is an ideal product to gift your grandparents, so they can put their health first and stay protected. The two J-hook clips easily attach to each earloop strap of the facemask, allowing for easy removal while still remaining attached and accessible. This lanyard can also double as an eyeglasses strap when the J clips are removed—great for grandparents with reading glasses! Available in five different colors, you will be able to give your loved ones a stylish new accessory.

Adjustable Length Face Mask Lanyard - Handy & Convenient Safety Mask Holder & Hanger

Multi-Pocket Credential Neck Wallet with Lanyard

For the grandparents that always like to be ready for anything, try the Multi-Pocket Credential Neck Wallet with Lanyard. This neck wallet is a product that allows you to keep all of your essentials in one place. Besides the adjustable lanyard, it comes with a clear vinyl front pocket to hold an ID badge and a main compartment for miscellaneous items such as cash, credit cards, notes, or other handy items. The back harbors a compartment that holds up to two pens and business cards, sanitizer, or another ID. Your grandparents will never have to waste time searching for their essentials—they will be ready to take on the world! 

Multi-Pocket Credential Neck Wallet with Lanyard (1860-300X)

Make sure to give your loved ones something they will love and use this National Senior Citizen Day! Visit the Specialist ID website for more badge lanyards and affordable gifts for your grandparents and the whole family.

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