Why Badge Reels Are A Better Choice Than Badge Lanyards For Hospital Functionality

Why Badge Reels Are A Better Choice Than Badge Lanyards For Hospital Functionality

Hospitals can be a fast-paced work environment that involve many moving parts. When doctors and nurses go from room to room visiting patients and gathering supplies, they will need their badge to access the rooms. Lanyards can be cumbersome, getting attached to objects like door handles or heavy machinery which make it dangerous to move around. Badge reels eliminate these issues and prevent these types of clumsy accidents. 

Make Your Badge Hands-Free 

With a badge reel, you can have your badge on you without getting tangled in it. With traditional lanyards, the badge and anything you have connected to it dangles from your neck. While this is easy to use, it can be a hassle to always deal with moving your badge around to use your hands without being obstructed. With a badge reel clip, you can have your badge at your hip during the day. The badge holder clips to your belt or the waist of your pants for a secure fit. Your ID or any other badges are on display for all to see. There are no long, dangling strings to work around with this badge reel.

Pull To Easily Swipe or Scan

With a badge reel, the retractable mechanism allows for you to pull your badge to swipe or scan it. This is great for hospitals so you can access rooms without removing your ID or badge. With a lanyard, you are limited by the length of the lanyard itself. If it is not long enough, you will have to remove your lanyard just to scan your ID. In time-sensitive work environments, this can result in wasted time. Patients are the number one priority and doctors must prevent any possible delays to better serve them. This heavy duty badge reel has a 24” nylon cord inside that is longer than the average lanyard when wrapped around your neck. This will make scanning your badge is easier than ever!

Swivel Spring Clip 

For badge reels with a swivel spring clip, the retractable badge reel stretches in a 360 degree rotation. This makes it convenient to pull your badge in whatever direction necessary to swipe or scan. You have to fidget with the reel to get it to stretch the way you need it to. The clip on the back of the badge reel can be attached to your belt, top, or jacket. This allows for less movement in front of you when you examine patients or prepare materials. 

With a custom heart badge reel, you can add your logo for a personalized touch! The badge reel also has a 34” cord, which is one of the longest cords available. You won’t have to worry about not being able to reach the ID scanner or card swipe when entering secure rooms. The cord is made to withstand 100,000 pulls from daily use, which will last you a long time!

For nurses and doctors who move around their hospital frequently, a badge reel is a time-saver and a safe way to wear their ID badges. At Specialist ID, we are here to help you find the best one for you!

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