Reasons Government Workers Need To Wear Badge Reels

Reasons Government Workers Need To Wear Badge Reels

Government workers are some of the busiest people around. Between juggling work deadlines and catching meetings with clients, finding time for anything else is hard. Badge reels can help make life a little bit easier by keeping your badge reel close at hand—no more having to dig through your bag or pockets every time you need it.

Badge reels are comfortable, durable, and easy to use. They're great for maximizing safety precautions and conveniently carry other essential items, such as keys, cards, or cash. You can attach your badge reel to practically anything, making them easy to access when you are in a rush and promptly need your badge. Here are a few benefits if you're still wondering why government workers need to wear badge reels.

1. Have easy access for your busy days.

Government workers are always on the go, and badge reels help keep their ID badges close at hand. Whether rushing between meetings or running errands on your lunch break, badge reels make it easy to grab your ID badge without rummaging through your crammed bag or pockets. If you want to keep your essential items close to you at all times but keep them safe in the process, consider attaching this RFID blocking sleeve to your badge reel. This sleeve is great for government employees running around all day who want to keep their badge information secure wherever the day takes them. It's durable, sleek, easy to use, and great for contactless scanning!









2. Be proud of your work. 

Badge reels are a great way to show pride in your work—everyone will know you're a dedicated government worker. Whether you want to represent your company at any event or boost camaraderie within your agency, custom badge reels make a great statement. Custom badge reels help support your work and promote your company's brand identity.










3. Boost safety measures.

Badge reels can also help boost safety precautions in your building. Badge reels make it easy to identify other employees or non-employees, which can be helpful during emergencies. Identifying every individual in your office is essential, especially with sensitive information stashed away. Working in government positions, you are at increased liability to have your identity stolen. Our rigid RFID 2 card holder with badge reel is a great option to keep you safe from identity theft. This badge holder carries two credit-sized cards—perfect for your ID badge and debit card. The RFID blocking technology blocks the signals in your card and prevents unwanted thieves from stealing your information. When you're ready to scan your ID badge, you can easily remove it from the holder with the easy thumb-notch feature, ready for immediate use.



4. They are convenient and multi-functional.

If the reasons we just listed aren't enough, badge reels are just plain practical. They keep ID cards and other important items, such as keys, etc., from getting lost or damaged. For example, this plastic retractable badge holder holds up to three cards—perfect for those who have to use multiple access cards throughout the day. This badge reel is also made with a belt loop and carabiner loop so you can hook it onto wherever is most convenient to you and your needs. It's also easy to attach your keys, so you have everything you need connected to you all day. 






Badge reels are incredible tools for government workers to incorporate into everyday life. Badge reels are convenient and can boost safety measures and brand awareness. Make your life easier and get yourself a badge reel. A bonus: They look great too! If a badge reel is not what you're looking for, lanyards may be the way to go. It's simple and guarantees safety.

Visit Specialist ID today to find the perfect badge reel for you. For more ideas, check out our government products collection.

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