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5 Badge Reels You Need in 2022

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Happy 2022! What better way to ring in the new year than with new products designed to bring your office to the future! Choose from a wide variety of products equipped with the latest technology from one convenient place, Specialist ID.

Check out these five badge reels we recommend for your office and employees. 

1- Translucent Retractable Badge Reel with Non-Swivel Spring Clip (P/N 2120-473X)

It is back to the basics with this first badge reel; though that does not mean this product skimped on providing the most useful additions to its principle purpose. This translucent option, in addition to supplying a retractable cord and strong strap clip, offers a non-swivel spring clip and belt clip to its design. These features ensure that your badge reel is ready with all necessary equipment to provide you with the best product, without becoming overwhelmed with additional features. 


Translucent Retractable Badge Reel with Non-Swivel Spring Clip


2- Key-Bak #5B Self Retracting Heavy Duty Key/Badge Reel

The self-retracting heavy-duty key and badge reel takes a new direction with its streamlined focus on providing a durable, strong product. With its simple design comprised of the spherical body and attached key ring, the badge reel is appropriately topped off with an easy and approachable belt clip. This product is perfect for an employee whose focus is on performing well on one job, as it is strong in its compact design facilitates a focused approach to the workforce. 

Self Retracting Heavy Duty Key/Badge Reel

3- Custom Printed No Twist Carabiner Badge Reel With Belt Clip - Upload Your Logo

If you are feeling like some personalization, look no further for your badge reel. This option showcases a customizable circle that fits any logo. With the addition of your image to the center of this badge reel, your employees will get a special product that reflects your whole company’s purpose. The addition of the belt clip and the no twist feature of the carabiner clip means that this product is well equipped to provide the best support to your employees. 


Custom Printed No Twist Carabiner Badge Reel With Belt Clip

4- Premium Oval Badge Reel with Carabiner and Belt Clip (2120-71XX)

The premium oval badge reel, similar to the first design we looked at, features the same simplicity of design, with the addition of a carabiner clip. This additional feature allows for this product to adapt and affix onto any uniform your employees are required to wear on the job. This option also comes in the choice of red, black, blue, and white for some added individuality to this otherwise simple product. 

Premium Oval Badge Reel with Carabiner and Belt Clip

5- Key-Bak Mid Size Key Ring Badge Reel with Belt Clip (#6)

This mid-size badge reel is the best option for those who require a larger product that focuses on providing a strong key ring and lasting belt clip. The Key-Bak badge reel is comprised of a 36-inch nylon cord and a formidable polycarbonate case, both of which are rated for strong performance and durability. The belt clip will keep this badge reel attached and secure, so your focus can be the job at hand. 

Key-Bak Mid Size Key Ring Badge Reel with Belt Clip

With the latest badge reels from Specialist ID, your employees will thank you with productivity and praise. What are you waiting for?

You will find these products and many more on the Specialist ID website.

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