best ID badges for Halloween

How to Keep Your ID Badges Festive and Secure this Halloween Season

With tricks and treats on the streets, you’ve got to be careful that someone doesn’t swipe your spooky badge right off your shirt! To keep your badges festive and secure this Halloween season, opt for treats—not tricks—in your ID badge styles. These spooky-safe badges keep your identification intact and are super durable. 

Best ID Badges for Halloween

Here are a few badges that will be great for the upcoming occasion—with functionalities perfect for year-long use.

Carabiner Badge Reel

One of the most popular badges at SpecialistID, the carabiner badge reel’s no-twist design keeps your smile facing forward. Constantly flipping your badge around? This is the ID solution for you. Easily attachable to belt loops, bag straps, and more for a secure grip, you won't have to worry about losing the badge. 

These badges will be your reliable Halloween companion. They come in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your costume, organization, or seasonal theme. With a retractable 36-inch cord that allows for a long reach, you do not need to worry about taking off the badge cord to remove the badge for swiping, payment, or identification. Built to last, the carabiner badge is rated for up to 100,000 pulls, making it a durable, time-tested investment for hard-working professionals.

Adjustable Breakaway Lanyard

These Adjustable Breakaway Lanyards are perfect for special occasions; they can grow from 24 to 44 inches in length. The versatility of the lanyard can accommodate basically everyone. One of the great features of this lanyard is its built-in breakaway piece, designed so that if the lanyard gets snagged or is under a lot of stress, it will snap apart for safety. Then, just as easily, it can be snapped back together. With a no-twist option to keep the ID badge facing forward, the ⅜-inch inch wide lanyard can also be adjusted to fit any size. 

Three-card ID Holder and Lanyard

If you need to carry several cards, this is an excellent solution. The 004 can fit up to 10 credit card-sized ID badges. The 3-Card ID Holder and Lanyard is the best way to keep different ID-sized documents safe from physical and water damage. 

This badge was brought back due to popular demand, as it allows you to securely store your most important documents all within the badge holder. The vertical top load badge holder is paired with our hefty detachable breakaway lanyard, making it the ideal model for professional work wear. It’s very convenient, with dual thumb levers on the back side sliding up for effortless access. Don’t just take it from us; the Three-Card ID Holder and Lanyard won “Best Badge Holder of the Year” and has a 4.8-star review, thanks to over 35K reviews!

As you prepare for Halloween and the rest of the year, make sure that you choose a secure and practical badge style. Whether you select the no-twist Carabiner Badge Reel, the unique Adjustable Breakaway Lanyard, or the practical Three-Card ID Holder and Lanyard, you can be confident that your most essential documents—from your professional ID to your everyday credit card—are safely attached to your body or bag. 

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