3 Products for Gym Goers During National Wellness Month

3 Products for Gym Goers During National Wellness Month

National Wellness Month is here, and if you own a gym, we know you’re probably looking for a way to celebrate your dedicated employees. Get ready for them to break a sweat with style because, at Specialist ID, we’ve got the ultimate collection of products for your gym employees and clients! If you thought gym gear was all about weights and workout bands, think again. Our ID products are guaranteed to elevate your gym game. Say goodbye to lackluster lanyards and hello to a world of trendy and practical ID solutions that'll make your gym staff more organized and efficient than ever.

Best ID Products for Gym Goers

Whether you're a gym owner, manager, member of the staff, or just popping in for a workout, we've got everything you need to conquer your next shift in style. Here are some of our favorites: 

Armband ID Badge Holder

Ready to pump up the excitement during National Wellness Month? Look no further than our game-changing armband ID badge holder! Your supercharged team will flaunt their identification  with pride, strapping them securely to their arms while they conquer they move around the gym throughout their shift. This armband ID holder was specifically designed to withstand movement and sweat with its stretchable fabric and water-resistant cover. These badge holders ensure ultimate flexibility, leaving hands free for whatever the day might bring. Equip your employees and clients with the ultimate fitness accessory—order today!

Expiring Visitor Badge and Logbook

Elevate your gym's security game this National Wellness Month with our expiring visitor badge and logbook! Maintain airtight access control and eliminate security breaches with this amazing product. To celebrate this month, we’re sure you’ll have increased guests attending with current members and they’ll need the proper documentation to show they’re approved to workout in your facilities. These visitor badges change color to signal badge expiration, keeping your gym safe for members, guests, and staff alike. Our log book ensures a flawless record of every visitor and eliminates computer or wifi malfunction. Order this combo now to give your team the tools they need to succeed this month!

2-Card ID Badge Holder

National Wellness Month is here, and we've got the ultimate gym accessory that'll have your staff flexing in style! Try our 2-card ID badge holder—a power-packed product for efficiency and organization. This badge holder duo holds your team's IDs and access cards securely, while the transparent design shows their credentials without needing to remove them. With the attached keychain, they can effortlessly carry their essentials around the gym during their shift. Elevate your teams’ efficiency and equip them with a badge holder that's both stylish and functional. Get yours today!

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