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3 Essential Items Law Enforcement Personnel Will Love

The life of law enforcement officers and police-force personnel is a fast-paced, high-stakes game with no time left to lose or waste. There are deadlines to be met, reports to investigate, crimes to solve, and intense demands to be met in the line of duty. For this reason, it’s imperative for these individuals to perform at their peak and to maximize absolutely every moment on the job. But to do this, they need the right strategies, tools, equipment, and gear. Here are three of the most effective yet inexpensive pieces of gear that police departments can invest in.

Identity Stronghold Badge-Holder

The new Identity Stronghold Secure ArmBand Badge holder is an ideal item for all law enforcement personnel whether they’re behind a desk or on patrol. The RFID weather-resistant chip prevents unauthorized scanning of access cards to safeguard against vandalism, espionage, and theft. The adjustable elastic armband fits securely, and its specialized sleeve holds one credit card size badge. Not only does this make your badge highly visible for easy recognition (allowing you to be proactive about unauthorized attempts to infiltrate your facility), it also enables you to retain full use of your hands. 

Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet

Those sworn to serve and protect will also benefit from a Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet with Adjustable Lanyard. Its front and back feature a clear vinyl pocket for displaying a badge or credential pass, and it sports a pen holder for jotting notes down on the go. There’s also a zippered pocket that's perfect for storing small personal items such as credit cards, cash, a passport, or a small pad of paper. The neck wallet is the ideal solution for keeping all your essentials in one convenient place, reducing time spent searching for scattered or lost items. What's more, it can be custom printed with your name and rank or department insignia. Contact Specialist ID for details.

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EK Lanyard Plus II

The Black EK Lanyard Plus II with Two Detachable Soft End Loops is a versatile product that can be used indoors or out. Its double-loop design and compact-yet-ample dimensions ensure your badge is visible at all times and provides plenty of room for your keys, flashlight, and other important objects. And if you're tired of your metal lanyard setting off metal detectors or sensitivity security systems, the metal-free design and 100% nylon rope construction will put an end to frustrating false alarms.

For those who are sworn to protect and serve, having the right gear is a top priority. At Specialist ID, it's our mission to help you accomplish yours. Check out the Specialist ID website to see other great gear that promotes peak performance, on and off the job! We thank you for your service!  

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