Top 5 Essential Supplies That Police Departments Might Need

Police departments across the nation are always serving their community. The supplies they use can be easy to run out of if they are single use or are easy to break. There might be items that are running low and will need to be replenished soon. With that in mind, we have laid out some essential supplies.

Here are the top supplies that police departments need.

Heavy Duty Leather ID Badge Holder

The heavy duty, genuine leather badge holder is perfect for a refined, put together look. It carries 4 cards, including a window which makes one card visible. The detachable lanyard is also leather and is 19” long. For officers or department personnel who need multiple cards, this badge holder is a handy tool with a sophisticated feel. Thanks to the clear window, it can serve as your main lanyard to show identification.

High Visibility Armband Badge Holder

For a hands free way to wear an ID, an armband ID holder is the way to go. To wear it, just slide your arm through the band and adjust it to your desired fit. The vinyl material allows for it to bend to your arm while showing your credentials. The flap at the top of where you place your card folds over and is water resistant. When it rains, your card will be protected. For paper IDs, this is a great advantage so ink won't bleed through. 

Badge Reel and Badge Holder Combo

Another handy tool for carrying multiple cards is a badge reel and holder combo. The card compartment can hold up to three cards in a rugged and secure case. Chipping, bending, or excess fading of the cards are prevented while they are in the case. The front card is visible through a window while the other cards are hidden. 

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The badge reel has a clip at the back which can be attached to a belt or shirt pocket. It also has a carabiner clip at the top for versatile wearing options. The retractable cord can be pulled on so you can show your ID with ease or retrieve a card without removing the badge reel. The card holder can be removed from the badge reel if necessary.

Face Mask Lanyard

In different circumstances, wearing a mask is still necessary. A face mask lanyard keeps a mask on you at all times, even when not wearing it on your face. Attach the ear loops of a mask to the clips at the end and let the mask hang in front of you when it’s off. The adjustable lanyard can be fixed to the best length at the push of a button.

Heavy Duty Badge Reel

Loose keys are misplaced and lost easily. Even if they are organized, it doesn’t take much for them to disappear. With a heavy duty badge reel you hold up to 22 keys on one ring. The retractable kevlar cord allows you to use the key without ever removing the reel from your belt or shirt pocket.

These are essential supplies help police departments with everyday operations. They can help organize and make duties more efficient, which puts more time back into protecting local citizens. At Specialist ID, we can provide all these supplies and more.

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