Finding the Right ID Badge Holder: 5 Things to Consider Before You Buy in Bulk

Finding the Right ID Badge Holder: 5 Things to Consider Before You Buy in Bulk

Buying ID badge holders in bulk is a great way to outfit an entire staff or conference group in a uniform look. 

But there are several questions you need to consider before placing that big order. So before you start doing a head count and printing out name tags, consider these five things that will help you order the right ID badge holder for your next event.

1. What’s your budget?

What kind of ID badge holder you get will likely depend a lot on what kind of budget you’re working with. 

Prices for holders can range from 15 cents (for a piece like this 2-Hole Strap Clip with Large 7/16" Snaps) to $29.99 each (for this tricked out Black EK One Hander Holder with Detachable Lanyard, complete with flippable opening to display your ID). 

While the Black EK might not be what you’re looking for to outfit a staff of 500, maybe you do want something a little bit fancier than just a snap. Fortunately, SpecialistID has 240 options to choose from and items available in a wide variety of prices to make purchasing your bulk order as cost-effective as possible. 

2. Do you need to customize?

If you’re hosting a special event or holding a team building conference, for example, you may want to personalize your ID badge holders. 

There are different ways to do this beyond the badge ID holder, like with the lanyard or badge reel, but an affordable solution is to customize the badge ID holder itself. 

You can choose a vertical or horizontal option at SpecialistID, then put your name, logo, or message, or employee title at the bottom.

3. Do you need a badge holder that’s weather-proof?

Rain can make exposed ID cards a soggy, runny mess. 

But it’s not just weather that can ruin an ID card. For employees who wear their cards on lanyards around their necks, a single careless moment during happy hour can mean drink-sodden ID badge. 

That’s why SpecialistID has creative solutions for ID badge holders. Instead of placing a plastic one on a lanyard, you could give your team the Vertical Armband ID Badge Holder with Zipper. A great option for people on the go, this arm band can hold not just an ID badge, but debit cards or a driver’s license as well. They can also be adjusted to fit each individual wearer.

Or, there’s the Frosted Vertical Rigid ID Badge Holder with Red Extractor Slide that can work much like a wallet. With its slide mechanism, the wearer can easily pop their ID out for review, then place the holder back in their pocket.

4. Do you need to scan badges?

Different ID badge holders work better for swiping and scanning situations. 

To pick the right option, you need to consider a vendor that’s an expert in ID uses. Products like the Identity Stronghold Secure Badgeholder Flex were made with security in mind. This product blocks RFID chips in cards from being read without permission, and is FIPS 201 approved as an electromagnetically opaque sleeve. 

5. Do you want the badge holder to be able to hold additional branding?

Badge pins and reels have become a way for people to personalize their ID badges with little images or sports logos, but some holders, well, don’t hold up to the weight of these fun accessories. 

If your staff wants to be able to make their ID badges more their own, give them the space to do so with the Pin Buddy Badge for Displaying Pins with Badge Buddies. This ID badge skips the holder and extends the badge itself allowing the wearer to add whatever kind of flair they want. 

You can also personalize the ID badge holder to match a branded lanyard with Specialist ID via colors, patterns, and even logos. 

That’s a lot to think about, but with Specialist ID, choosing the right ID badge holders to order in bulk is easy. 

With hundreds of options available in a variety of quantities (single to 1,500+), you can find the choice that will work best for you. 

The key is to take into consideration the needs of the individuals wearing the ID badges as well as the ultimate goal of the badge itself. 

Is it to identify people? 

Double as a key card? 

Allow access to high security points? 

Or designate certain groups? 

You may discover you need different ID badges for different people, and Specialist ID can help with that too. 

With our easy-to-navigate website, you can compare and contrast different options and get estimates for how much each will cost. With transparent shipping information, you’ll also be able to estimate arrivals of badges to avoid missing deadlines. 

Whether you want to customize, personalize, or prioritize budget figures, the variety and choices available at SpecialistID will help you get the right products for your needs. 

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