Frosted Vertical 2-Card Access Card Dispenser

Want to save the life of your Photo ID cards? Badge holders will do just that.

Whether using your photo ID to get through security checkpoints, your gym membership ID to check-in or your public transportation smart card, any ID card used frequently risks getting bent, beat up and worn from being left in jean pockets, purse bottoms or soft wallets. A badge holder can protect the lifespan of your ID cards by being reliable, durable, weather-resistant and easily accessible.

Most of our badge holders are made from a durable, rigid plastic. Designed to hold one, two or more cards (depending on your chosen badge holder), your choice for your needs. This particular badge holder, p/n 1840-6550 displays a thumb slot for easy retrieval of the card(s) inside. We have horizontal or vertical displaying badge holders in case you choose to keep them on a lanyard or neck chain for a grab and go to the gym, work or any other daily routine where you want the IDs readily accessible.

The built-in slot for this 2-card access card dispenser badge holder allows you to attach your favorite lanyard or badge reel. Please check out our many selections of badge holders to find which ones are best for you on our website:

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