How Lanyards Can Be Helpful In A Corporate Setting

How Lanyards Can Be Helpful In A Corporate Setting

Lanyards are an office staple—and for a good reason. Walk into any corporate office right now, and you will likely see a crowd of employees with a bright-colored fabric wrapped around their necks, displaying their ID badges. Lanyards come in various colors and end fittings, making it easy to ensure you find the perfect fit.

Lanyards are a convenient, hands-free way to keep track of your ID badge and grant access to security points. Many corporate offices encourage their employees to wear lanyards because they are stylish accessories that enhance your professional look. There are many reasons lanyards can be helpful in a corporate setting, and we’ve researched them for you. Below are some ways lanyards help your corporate office. 

Encourage your employees

Custom lanyards that show off your brand’s logo and colors promote unity and camaraderie within your office. By displaying your employee ID badge in an observable way, it makes it easier for employees to call each other by name, fostering familiarity and friendship in the workplace. By cultivating connections in the office, employees feel like they are part of a team and will feel more inspired to know their company supports them. 







Elevate your professional appearance with flair.

Most corporate offices enforce business attire dress codes. Implementing business attire helps your office look professional and well-organized, a great way to show you mean business. A simple black lanyard will do the trick if you want to build on this look, as black goes great with every outfit and enriches that professional look. However, if you’re craving more creativity during your work day, consider adding a splash of color to your look. Specialist ID carries lanyards of all colors. If you’re feeling extra fashionable, you could wear different color-coordinated lanyards with your outfits each day. If you still want more, we offer stylish, printed lanyards for an extra addition of style and awareness. For example, these neon-colored lanyards will brighten up your day and any outfit. Adding a pop of color is a simple way to stay professional while adding some personal style. 







Get the most out of your work day.

Today’s world thrives on convenience and praises the ability to multitask. Lanyards promote efficient workflow in the office by keeping your hands free to perform other duties. When people think of suitable ways to wear lanyards, they think of attaching their employee badges for easy access and increased visibility. However, as the world of lanyards evolves, we keep finding ways to benefit the average, busy person. Retractable key chains connected to the end of your lanyard will hold your abundance of keys so you don’t lose them. On that same note, if you search for pens all day or sneakily steal them from your coworkers, consider this all-in-one lanyard with a pen and ID card holder. This lanyard conveniently keeps your essential items on hand, ensuring a genuinely hands-free work experience. 








Help your employees feel safe. 

Lanyards encourage employees to display their ID badge holders, creating easy-to-recognize workers. When all employees are required to wear lanyards, it is easy to spot people who do not have access to the office. Whether an unmarked visitor or an unauthorized individual, quickly spotting those not wearing matching lanyards reduces the risk of unlawful entry. Consider employing visitor lanyards to identify the types of people entering your office—tourists, vendors, interviewees, etc.








Lanyards are excellent tools to keep your office up and running. Encourage your employees by equipping them with these trendy, convenient accessories. Head to our website to browse more of our lanyards

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