4 Ways Lanyards Can Keep Your Family Safe On Vacation

4 Ways Lanyards Can Keep Your Family Safe On Vacation

Summer is the official season of travel. Local or abroad, families use this to spend quality time together and explore new places. Unfortunately, there are many opportunities for your belongings to be misplaced before you reach your destination, so many things must be kept safe and organized. 

Even the most well-prepared families can struggle to keep track of their belongings while traveling. Lanyards are a simple solution for keeping your belongings from getting lost or damaged. From beach vacations to theme parks, there are many ways to get outside during your break—and there is a lot of gear to keep in mind. You can use lanyards to keep your family safe without ruining the fun!

1. Keep your face mask close.

Safety for you and your family is of utmost importance! Although airlines no longer require face masks for domestic flights, face masks are still a good idea for maximum protection or for flights abroad where the airlines may still need their passengers to wear masks. A face-mask lanyard is great for keeping track of your mask. It has two bulldog clips, so you can easily attach and de-attach your mask as you need. Keeping your mask attached to your lanyard ensures you never drop your face mask onto unfamiliar surfaces to collect germs. It also guarantees that you will have a mask handy once you board your flight, ready to go.








2. Don't Misplace Your Important Belongings.

If you need to grab something promptly, try a lanyard wallet! A neck wallet is great if you don’t want to bring an extra bag with you on your trip. With many items to keep track of, the neck wallet lanyard may be the perfect tool for your vacation. Our neck wallet has a vinyl front pocket to hold your ID badge and a main compartment that holds your cash, boarding passes, passport, hand sanitizer, etc. The back of the wallet also holds up to two pens. The neck wallet has an adjustable strap to fit your chest. 




3. Keep Your Private Information Secure.

Nothing is more stressful than identity theft. The possibility of identity theft is always present but increases when traveling with critical documents. Our passport sleeves are thin, durable, tear and water-resistant. These sleeves protect the sensitive data stored on your RFID-enabled passport from undesirable devices used by thieves to target travelers for identity theft. They are also easy to store and find, so you can easily remove them for easy access. With your passport stored in the sleeve, it is impossible to read the RFID signal. When ready to use your passport, simply slide it out for easy signal reading. With the RFID, you and your family are safe from identity theft. 








4. Consider a family pack. 

If you want to give your kids extra responsibility, look into our family pack of retractable lanyards. A family pack allows everyone to carry their IDs, passes, cabin keys, etc., for themselves. Our five-pack includes five lanyards with a retractable safety feature. The lanyard gently snaps apart when pulled or snagged, so it is not a choking hazard. Afterward, it clicks back together for easy use and is a great option for children. You can choose five black lanyards or a multi-colored pack for extra visibility. Color coding your trip will make it easier to spot a family member from afar in case you split up. 









Lanyards are a great solution to keep your family safe and organized on vacation. They come in wide varieties, so there is something for everyone. If you’re looking for a way to keep your family safe on vacation, head to our website and check out our selection of lanyards

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