How to Customize Your Lanyard Online

Every organization is different which is why we provide the option of customizing your lanyards so you can be easily distinguished from other companies and represent your brand in the most practical way. Personalizing lanyards for your business or organization creates a positive work environment. It's the glue that ties your group in together and makes everyone feel part of a greater whole.

Make Your Own Lanyard in 4 Easy Steps:

Customizing your lanyard is simple and efficient with our online form. Just fill in the boxes and follow these four simple steps and you’re good to go.

1. Basics (Quantity, Color, Time)

When do you need your lanyards by? Select between our two options. You can get them expedited in 6-8 days or 10-12 days. We deliver on business days and ship right when your order is processed.

How many do you need? Write down in the box how many lanyards you need. A minimum of 100 is required. For orders over 10,000 please Contact Us.

Imprint your lanyard with our special printing options:

  • 1 Color Econo Silkscreen: This option only allows one color to be printed on your lanyard and has very limited options.
  • 1-3 Color Silkscreen: Use up to 3 colors for printing on your lanyard.
  • Full-Color Dye-Sub: Various dyed colors on your lanyard.
  • 1 Color Woven: Letters will be woven into your lanyard with the color of your choice for the background.

Check the box if you would like your lanyard to be Double-Ended. Select this option if the lanyards are intended for an event. These lanyards are ideal for event credential holders or other items that need to be worn around the neck so that they don’t flip and become inaccessible to the beholder.

Choose a Lanyard Color. This will be the color below the imprinted words.

2. Lanyard Material and Width Options

Choose the Material you would like your lanyard to be made with. We have Woven-in Polyester, Organic Cotton, Microwave (Ribbed Polyester), Econoweave, Flat Braid (Tubular), Opti Weave Tubular, Ultraweave, bamboo, Antimicrobial, and Recycled Material (Pet).

Select the Width. This will be the thickness of your lanyard. Choose between ¼’, ⅜’, ⅝”, ¾”, and 1’.

3. Additional Options breakaways, end fittings, etc

Breakaways. In this step, you may select whether you would like your lanyard to break away. Breakaway lanyard is the safest lanyard design for if it is pulled or caught into something it will simply break away.

Choose an End-Fitting. The end fitting is the hook that holds your keys or id badge. Our hooks and clips are of the highest quality and will never chip or rust. Nickel-Plated Swivel hook and Nickel-Plated Bulldog Clip are the best badge holders.

Select a Finishing Option. Our finishing options include Sown, Crimp (Nickel Plated Swivel or OX), Bead, and Bar. A finishing will make your lanyard look of more high quality. Its all in the little details.

4. Customization

Add Text to Lanyard. Finally, the most important part of the creation process; making it yours. Add your company, brand, or organization name to your lanyard. Choose the font of your liking, font size, and how much space between each letter you would like. You can even add your logo if you have one by dropping the image file in the dropbox. You can have your name in a symmetrical position or even have it two-sided.

Specialist ID Has Many Designs Online

You have now completed the design process of your lanyards, now leave it to us to materialize it! Our lanyards are made out of quality materials to ensure customer satisfaction. If you would like us to help you with any ideas on customizing your lanyards, Contact Us and our friendly staff will assist you.

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