How to Upgrade the Look of Your ID Badge Using Lanyards and Badge Reels

How to Upgrade the Look of Your ID Badge Using Lanyards and Badge Reels

The company ID badge is what identifies employees to other colleagues at work and any security personnel that may be on the premises, allowing us to gain entry into our workplaces, and in many cases, controls our access within company facilities.

But if we’re all being really honest, it’s also the one thing that can kind of put a damper on an otherwise great outfit.

So how exactly can we make this wardrobe-spoiling accessory work? What options are available that can help make wearing an ID badge less boring and more in-line with our unique sense of style?

The challenge isn’t actually as tough as you think. Customizing the lanyards and badge reels that go along with ID badges is a great way to enhance their appearance so that they are looking good when alongside whatever outfit you wear.

Here are a few ways you can use lanyards and badge reels to easily put together an ID badge that won’t interfere with your outfit, and strikes that perfect balance of being well-dressed but not overly dressed. In fact, these lanyards and badge reels might even be able to upgrade your style a bit.


The cord that goes around your neck or hangs around your waist, the lanyard is the go-to accessory for wearing ID badges as they make it simple and seamless for employees to easily keep their IDs visible as they walk around company premises.

When it comes to style, you want to make sure that the lanyard you are wearing doesn’t draw unnecessary attention and break up your look. Here are some solutions.

  1. Make the Lanyard Disappear

Not literally, but figuratively! You can make your lanyard become virtually invisible in your overall look by opting for a thin but strong metal chain. When done correctly, a metal chain essentially disappears and allows your outfit to take center stage. And in order to make it work, you have to be a little crafty to make the connections work together to hold your ID.

If you want a simple way to achieve that metal chain style, at Specialist ID, we offer a Silver Metallic Round Non-Breakaway Lanyard and Nickel-Plated Steel Beaded Neck Chain that has that metal-like appearance you’re looking for.

  1. Turn Your Lanyard Into Jewelry

Whereas a metal style lanyard is meant to vanish or blend in with your outfit, this option is meant to add more flair, complimenting or even boosting your overall look.

Essentially, this type of lanyard (like our Plastic Beaded Neck Chain) is meant to look like a long necklace. The difference here is that these lanyard necklaces have clips or rings attached to hold your ID badge to it.

  1. Fade to Black

For those who want something simple and always in fashion, this is it.

A black lanyard goes with everything, doesn’t clash with anything, and doesn’t draw attention away from the best part of your outfit—you!

They’re just really easy to pair with anything.

  1. Add a Splash of Color

On the other side of the spectrum, having a few solid color lanyards can be an easy way to add a little pop to your look. You can either blend the color in or provide a bit of contrast. We recommend keeping a few primary colors stored in your desk drawer, and when you want to add a bit of flavor, swap out your existing color with another one. This is a fun way to easily mix things up at work!

Badge Reels

Another ID accessory that you can spice up is the badge reel. It’s the perfect little spot to add something special and creative to your outfit.

Here are some of our favorite badge reels!

  1. Solid Color Badge Reels

Like solid color lanyards, solid color badge reels are ideal for helping to make your ID badge look either match or contrast with your outfit. And at Specialist ID, our variety of solid colors badge reels range from professional classics to bright pastels to shiny metallics. So you can have a badge reel color for every occasion.

  1. Shaped Badge Reels

There are a variety of shapes for badge reels beyond the traditional circle and square. For example, we carry badge reels in the shape of hearts. Healthcare professionals love adding these heart shaped badge reels to their uniforms because they don’t just look good—they also showcase a symbol of hope and positivity for their patients.

  1. Bespoke Designed Badge Reels

If you have a specific badge reel design in mind but can’t find it available for purchase, consider searching for bespoke and uniquely crafted badge reels. A standard ID badge reel is like a blank canvas that can be used to artfully create beautiful designs. These badge reels are meant to help your ID badge truly stand out from your outfit and grab attention.

Some of our favorite badge reel designers we suggest to check out:

Your company ID badge doesn’t have to be a wardrobe-spoiling accessory. With so many options for lanyards and badge reels, there are a ton of ways to customize your ID badge so that it compliments your outfit and upgrades style.

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