ID Card Holder Types and Their Intended Uses

ID Card Holder Types and Their Intended Uses

There are so many ID card holders that its hard to choose which would be best to fit your needs. Specialist ID has insanely practical wallet ID displays that hang off of lanyards; armband lanyards for those who need to be hands-free and for whom a dangling lanyard is a safety hazard; oversized badge holders for specific industries; colored vinyl sleeves to help keycard holders to make swiping a cinch and water-resistant ID card holders, as well.


 7 Types of ID Card Holders

1. Armband ID Badge Holder

An arm band badge holder with Velcro or elastic is a perfect alternative to the lanyard because it openly identifies the bearer without having to attempt to put it in someones line of vision. Meanwhile, it keeps out of the way while performing any vigorous movement or in safety services. You can wear it while driving, use it at the gym or during security, law enforcement or military operations. Its also popular at manufacturing plants.

It has no metallic parts so it wont set off any metal detectors at airport security checkpoints or other high-security areas.

The armband is large enough to fit over most jackets and has an adjustable buckle to tighten for a snug, comfortable fit around the bicep, closing with an easy-to-use Velcro strap.



 2. Vertical Oversized ID Badge Holder

 Most ID card sleeves only hold standard business card size placards but there are some industries that tend to use larger-sized badges, such as for identifying media at events, or the performing arts for festivals and backstage passes. These oversized ID holders are perfect for those circumstances when bigger is better.

For the multi-tasker, this convenient folding wallet has four slots, a zip pouch and a pen loop. The outside slot has a clear protective plastic to display your ID and fits anything 4.63x 3.50.

Upon opening, youll find its layout is like a wallet, with a pocket for cash and smaller, clear pockets to hold your credit cards or stash of business cards. Between the slots for business cards and the pen, this is great for conventions where youll be meeting lots of new potential clients!



3. Military Neck ID Badge Holder

Similarly the camouflage badge holder with pen loop is a great use for military or park workers. It has a pen loop, a protective ID badge display and various slots that even fit a full passport.




4. Neck Wallet Badge Holder

Another simpler and inexpensive option is the hanging ID display wallet with a Velcro pocket and various slots.

For more comfort and better weight distribution, instead of hanging from one loop, these are attached from two of the wallets corners. 

Some of our wallets can be printed with your logo and tagline. Contact us online or give us a call for quicker answers at 800-380-6726 for more information about using this as a specialty gift item to giveaway or use for your entire company.



5. Clear Zipper Top ID Holder

There are various versions of this zipper top that hang either vertically or horizontally. Normally these zipper tops are larger and can hold various cards. The pocket is of clear plastic, slightly frosted on the back side.



6. Horizontal Half Card Holder

A rigid plastic halfcard keycard holder is perfect for keycards. It grasps the card, but leaves the part necessary for swiping through doors that require special authorization. It is tailored for standard keycard sizes.

For credit cards or other systems using a chip instead, you can get a half cardholder for chips that grasps the card safely by the edge, but maintains the chip area exposed for easy reading.



 7. Frame Badge Holder

Color-coordinate your staff and authorizations by giving each their respective color. For example, set red for supervisors, green for assistants, orange for interns and yellow for guests. When roaming around the office, hospital, school, etc, you can instantly know someones position by the color of their ID card sleeve.

The concept goes wither you choose from one of our frame badge holder (see another version here), solid-backed badge holders in vertical or horizontal, or extra large badge holders with a colored top.




Final Thoughts

These are just some ideas of how to get the most out of your ID Card Tags for your specific industry.

If we didnt hit on your industry or you have a special issue that youd like to try to address, dont hesitate to talk with someone here at Specialist ID at 800-380-6726. With our years in the business, ample product choices and lots of clients who have probably experienced your same issue, we can help you find the best solution at the most affordable price. Contact us now! Either chat with us straight from the website, send us a message or pick up the phone.

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