Is a Breakaway Lanyard or Non-Breakaway Lanyard Better?

Is a Breakaway Lanyard or Non-Breakaway Lanyard Better?

Deciding if a breakaway or non-breakaway lanyard is better all depends on the application as well as the level of comfort. There’s no reason that you wouldn’t be able to find an excellent choice in either, though you’ll want to match your choices to the particular type of business venture that your firm is engaged in. Depending on a few different issues, one of these choices might be a much safer option. There are even situations where you might want to consider an alternative to either of these two.

Non-breakaway lanyards are often more economical, but for certain job duties, a breakaway lanyard is going to be the most reasonable choice. The breakaways will typically cost a little more than the non-breakaways, and oftentimes, that might be the deciding factor on which one is the better buy.

Nevertheless, you don’t want to think solely of cost, especially because there’s always the chance that you’re going to end up either paying now or paying later. After all, a costly accident at some point in the future is going to be far worse than an uncomfortable upfront cost right here at the moment. Weigh your options and you’ll be sure to walk away with a set of lanyards or other badge holders that work perfectly for the kind of environment that your organization operates in.

You might even want to take a few moments to consider local ordinances, since some safety-conscious areas will require you to select one option over the other depending on the type of industry you work in. You’ll want to keep this in mind, especially if you do anything with healthcare, law enforcement or even the industrial sector.

Considering The Options

Price shouldn’t always be the deciding factor though. It is suggested to consider what kind of tasks the wearer will be performing before providing a badgeholder to them. For instance, someone with an event pass might prefer the non-breakaway lanyard. This will ensure that the special VIP pass stays securely wrapped around the cardholder’s neck, whereas the breakaway might be alittle easier to snatch away. So if you need a badge holder that stays secure and will save you money, consider the Standard Non-Breakaway Lanyards with metal swivel hook (2135-3001,30XX) that comes in 12 different color selections at 32cents each (quantity discounts available).

There are countless other situations that you might want to issue temporary passes, especially if you have people coming and going on a regular basis. That is especially true of those who often have visitors. In some cases, lanyards might not even be the best choice. In others, you might just want to buy a huge bulk set and issue them to everyone who comes to work with your group. Bulk options are often affordable enough to do this, which is good news for those who work with a lot of individuals that only come in on an occasional basis.

Lanyards for Correctional Facilities

Prisons and correctional facilities might want to consider the Triple Breakaway NoChoke Safety Lanyard (2137-300X).This lanyard detaches in three separate places, making it perfect for snag sensitive environments as well as preventing any accidental choking incidents. These Lanyards are available in three different colors and start off with a pricing of 68 cents per unit.

SpecialistID, an ID badge and accessory distributor in the South Florida area, does not recommend lanyards where moving machinery or serious choking hazards exist. Founder and Co-Owner, PatrickBarnhill mentioned his experience attending a safety seminar where a correctional officer demonstrated how lanyards with a single breakaway point could be used as a weapon.

If you have to use a lanyard in that environment, the Triple Breakaway is the way to go, but still, I don’t recommend anything around your neck if it’s a serious concern, Barnhill said.

Barnhill strongly proposes the arm badge holder, as it stays tightly secure on your arm imposing no obstruction for hands-on responsibilities. Armband holders also pose no threat of being caught in machinery or interfering with typical duties of warehouse workers,security guards, active duty military, EMTs, etc.

To learn more about arm badge holders, read Arm Badge Holders for Physically Active Jobs here.

Keep in mind that there are a number of other choices available as well, which should be good news for those who do hold down jobs in particularly demanding industries. Those who might still be having some difficulties could consider another option to hold their badges and identify themselves. Nevertheless, there are a number of industries where the use of breakaway lanyards continues to grow.

Other Jobs That Could Use Breakaway Lanyards

Other Professions that could benefit in breakaway lanyards are bouncers, anyone working in schools including students, and with machinery. Yet again, the arm badge holder might be the better option for machinery work.

Barnhill Said that many people like the breakaway, however, the standard lanyard is cheaper, so oftentimes, purchasers will gravitate toward that option. Again, it all depends on what your application is as well as your purchasing budget.To view a list of all the lanyards that Specialist ID has to offer, view their online inventory here.

Regardless of what industry you’re working in, you’re going to want to communicate with experienced professionals who’ve issued id equipment for some time. You’re also going to want to explore all the different types of individual ids on the market. Depending on your exact needs, you might want anything from a simple photo id to something that expires automatically. Others may need smart cards and various technical gadgets. It largely depends on your preferences and the sheer size of the facility that you’re working in.

Finding Good Consultation

To say that one type of lanyard is better than the other wouldn’t be an entirely true statement. Depending on the type of work you’re doing, one might be better than the other. But that doesn’t mean that it is THE lanyard for ALL applications.The best way to really access what kind of lanyard will best meet the needs of your employees is to consult with the team at Specialist ID. We are available to answer any questions you might have regarding the right type of lanyard that will best suit your professional needs. Give us a visit online and contact us today.

We’ll be sure to let you know about all of the latest materials that are in stock, so you can be sure that you’re putting together the best id and lanyard package for your staffers. That can help you stay safe while still ensuring that everyone is identified and that only authorized personnel can make it into any sensitive areas.

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