Want To Show Some Personality? This Is What Your Lanyard Says About You

Want To Show Some Personality? This Is What Your Lanyard Says About You

As a prime way of expressing your personality around the office, lanyards come in many diverse shapes, styles, and sizes. Whether it be through vibrant colors and patterns or the inclusion of detachable ID badge holders, you can tell a lot about a person from the lanyard they place around their neck every day. 

So, what does your lanyard say about you?

Locking Retractable Badge Reel Lanyard

If your lanyard of choice is the Locking Retractable Badge Reel Lanyard, you likely value safety and mobility above all else. Functionality is key for you, and you like products that you can alter and modify throughout your day. With the inclusion of this lanyard’s release clip and retractable reel, it displays safety measures to prohibit any strain on your neck and allows the wearer to stretch their badges away from their body without removing the entire lanyard.

badge reel lanyard

Neon Lanyard with Safety Breakaway Clasp 

Spunky, unique, zany: You are all these things and more if your lanyard of choice is one this bright and colorful. With your vibrant, attention-grabbing breakaway lanyard, you don’t need frills or any fancy attachments to distract from its simple form and function, which is obviously to look cute around your neck and hold your ID badges and cards on your person. A simple swivel hook and the added safety breakaway clasp will do!

breakaway lanyard

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SlimReel Breakaway Lanyard ID Holder Badge Reel Combo

If you clasp this SlimReel lanyard and badge reel combo around your neck every morning, you are someone who enjoys the simple things in life, like a nice cup of black coffee in the morning or your dog’s cute, furry face greeting you. Your lanyard is sweet, subtle, and to the point. However, that is not to say you do not value the functionality of your lanyard. With the breakaway design and the ID clasp, you are still protecting yourself from potential harm and ensuring all your needs are met.



Wide Breakaway Lanyard with Key Ring

If this key ring lanyard belongs to you, you are the ultimate hustler. You don’t have time for the frills or attachments that absorb the simple functionality of your lanyard. But you also don’t skimp on safety measures, hence the inclusion of a breakaway clasp on the band of your lanyard. You are sticking to your principles when hooking your keys to the ring on your lanyard. With this option, you never have to worry about tracking them down.


No matter how you like to reflect your personality in your choice of lanyard, Specialist ID is your supplier. With a wide variety of lanyards, Specialist ID has your lanyard, with any specifications or personalizations you desire. 

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