5 Problems Most Encounter When Choosing The Right Lanyard

5 Problems Most Encounter When Choosing The Right Lanyard

We know you're eager for your brand-new lanyards. But before you hit that "confirm order" button, you should consider the problems you may face when choosing the right lanyard. Many people overlook details that can make or break an ID badge holder. So to help you avoid these common mistakes, we've put together our top five problems and solutions.

Choosing the Wrong Color

Choosing the wrong color can be a big problem, especially when it comes to lanyards. If you’re getting lanyards for your company, you want your lanyard to match your brand. Therefore, choosing the wrong color could pose a big problem.  One way to solve this issue is by thinking about who will see you wearing your lanyard. Are they going to be fans of your company? If so, maybe go bold with bright colors or even neon lanyards associated with parties or events. On the other hand, if they're going to be clients looking for advice or support, or even CEOs and bosses, then maybe stick with darker colors that look professional yet aren't too dull.

Not Choosing a Safety Breakaway

Choosing a lanyard is not as simple as many people think. When selecting a suitable lanyard, consider the safety measures you need throughout your day. Our safety breakaway lanyards are perfect for those needing a stylish lanyard with added safety. These breakaway lanyards snap apart when pulled or snagged and snap right back together afterward. Breakaway lanyards are ideal for factory workers operating machinery, students, athletes, security officials, etc. Another safety factor to consider is adjustability. The length of your lanyard should be adjustable so it can fit any size neck or head comfortably, which is why we carry adjustable breakaway lanyards. Choosing a suitable lanyard can help you and your company stay as safe as possible.

Overlooking the Overall Quality of the Product

When shopping for a lanyard, it's essential to research the overall quality of the product. Several factors can affect the quality of your new ID lanyard. The material used to make your lanyard must be durable and should not tear or fray easily. Another factor to consider is how well-designed the lanyard’s clasp is. At Specialist ID, we offer many types of lanyard clips so you can find the best clip suited for your needs.

Forgetting to Order Early

When ordering a lanyard for your business, don't forget to order early! Especially if you plan to custom print your lanyard, which can take up to 10-14 business days. Ordering on time will help you avoid the last-minute rush. It's also great to ensure you won't miss important events or business opportunities. Ordering on time will help you avoid missing important business meetings where your boss requires you to wear a custom lanyard.

Not Considering the Comfort of Employees

It is also important to consider the comfort of your employees when choosing a lanyard. These ID badge lanyards are used daily, so you want to ensure they'll be comfortable and easy to use. A comfortable lanyard makes it easy to forget that it's even there while you are wearing it at all times! This is especially true when you select a material that doesn't irritate your skin or rub against sensitive areas when worn all day (especially during the hot summer).

If you're in the market for a new lanyard, consider these five problems and which are most relevant to you or your business. You could be surprised at the impact of a simple decision on your company! The right lanyard can do wonders for your business. Visit our website to find the perfect lanyard for you and your needs.
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