Retractable Badge Holders for Medical Personnel

Retractable Badge Holders for Medical Personnel

Day to day, retractable badge holders play a significant role in healthcare operations. They support increased levels of security, patient privacy, and medical confidentiality.

Top Badge Holders and Reels for Nurses, Doctors, and Hospital Staff

When looking for high-quality retractable badge holders, there are a variety of options to choose from. Here are some of the best, most recommended products for healthcare institutions to consider.

Key-Bak Sidekick ID

Retractable Badge Holders For Medical Personnel

Key-Bak has been a long-time brand leader in the industry with over 60 years of manufacturing experience right here in the USA. This employee-owned company is dedicated to quality and durability in all of their products. The Key-Bak Sidekick ID badge reel combo is perfect for all types of medical personnel on your staff. It is both comfortable and durable with its lightweight design and strong material construction. Features of this badge holder include:

  • The ability to carry up to 6 keys or 4oz. comfortably
  • Strong, long-lasting paracord neck lanyard
  • 24 (60 cm) Kevlar cord
  • Vinyl ID badge strap and split ring for keys
  • Twist-free end fitting
  • Lifetime service policy

One of the best retractable badge solutions for health care professionals is the Key-BakMid-Size Retractable ID Carabiner working in tandem with the Heavy-DutyVinyl Vertical ID Holder with Resealable Top.

These two, extremely well-constructed products can support optimal results for your healthcare organization looking to increase security measures and better protect patient privacy.

The Key-Bak mid-size retractable ID carabiner comes with many noteworthy features, including:
  • A 36" polyester cord
  • A design strong enough to reel multiple ID badges, along with keys or small tools, up to 6 ounces
  • A makeup of incredibly strong polycarbonate materials is only stealthier
  • A lifetime manufacturer service policy A 360-degree rotating swivel
  • An industrial-strength polycarbonate case

Heavy-Duty Vinyl ID Holder



Meanwhile, the Heavy-Duty Vinyl Vertical ID Holder with Resealable Top is an excellent choice to use as well with its ability to keep away dirt, moisture, and other factors that can contribute to the degradation of your IDs. It’s worth highlighting that this ID holder comes with:

  • An easy-to-open red zipper top
  • The ability to store up to 3 standard credit card-sized IDs
  • Clear casing for clear visibility at a distance

For the best retractable badge holders for medical personnel, look no further than Specialist ID. We stand out from the competition with our:

  • Family-owned and operated company
  • Superior customer service and industry-specific expertise
  • A wide array of badge holders and ID products to choose from Customized product offerings
  • Affordable wholesale prices with no minimum quantity order restrictions
  • Fast, inexpensive global shipping options
  • Over 16,000 5-star customer reviews

Medical Badge Holders

Medical Assistant Vertical Badge Buddy with Red Border

 Retractable Badge Holders for Medical Personnel

Our Medical Assistant badge buddy with large text and solid red border is a quick way to identify your medical assistants in any busy hospital setting. Our badge buddies are printed on both sides of the card so your text will be visible, even if the ID is flipped around.

Oversize Vertical Armband Badge Holder

Retractable Badge Holders for Medical Personnel

Hold your credentials in this armband ID badge holder, this way your lanyard and ID card won’t get in the way as you take blood tests and give medical attention to your patients. You can easily press your arm against the scanner for when you need to access diverse buildings within the hospital. The arm badge comes in multiple colors making it easy if you want to assign colors to different departments within the hospital.

Lanyards For Medical Personnel

Round Special Event Lanyard with Two Clips

This lanyard prevents your ID from flipping from side to side. It will secure your ID badge in place so that spectators and security personnel can have it visually available at all times. This is convenient for when you need to gain quick access to different departments in order to give medical attention to those that are in a state of emergency.

Breakaway Lanyard ID Holder Badge Reel Combo - Retractable Lanyard

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All of our lanyards are nurse lanyards because they are all versatile and highly adaptable, however we like this breakaway lanyard specifically for nurses because it retracts, meaning you can pull your ID card to swipe, scan or demonstrate it to anyone without having to remove it from the lanyard. The safety breakaway feature is convenient because if your lanyard gets caught in something it will breakaway for your protection.

Medical Badge Clips

Heart-Shaped EKG Themed Badge Reel with Swivel Spring Clip


This medical badge clip has the shape of a heart along with the electrocardiogram symbol, the test that measures the electrical activity of the heartbeat making it extremely cute and appropriate if you are a nurse. If you work at a kid’s hospital this heart-shaped badge has the potential to turn any frown upside down and it may help children associate their favorite nurse.

Standard Custom Printed Badge Reels w/ No Twist Design

This medical badge clip allows you to do custom logo printing if you would like to represent your hospital in a utilitarian way. Simply upload your logo by clicking “Choose File” and we will send you a prototype so you can give it a final review.

Key-Bak Retractable Badge Reels

Key-Bak Super Duty 48 Key Reel with Belt Clip

Retractable Badge Holders for Medical Personnel

This is a retractable keychain that you can clip onto the belt loops of your pants. It is heavy-duty, meaning it can hold up to twenty-two keys or 13-15 oz worth of weight. The reel diameter extends up to 2 ¾” you can scan, swipe or open doors by simply extending your keycard or keys to the door without having to remove the clip from your pants.

*Key bak accepts orders for the united states through this website.

Medical Lanyard ID badges At Specialist ID!

No matter the size of your order request, SpecialistID can meet your individual needs. For healthcare retractable badge holders, we recommend either the Key-BakSidekick ID badge reel, the Key-BakMid-Size Retractable ID Carabiner or the Heavy-DutyVinyl Vertical ID Holder with Resealable Top. If you have any questions about any of our retractable badge holder products, or you would like to have your ID badges shipped elsewhere please contact us through our online contact form.

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