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4 Retractable Badge Reels For Registered Nurses

Professionals need to get their job done as efficiently as possible. What better way to do that than with tailored equipment? It is important to have the right tools to complete your tasks, and it is even better when they match your line of work. Here are four retractable badge reels for registered nurses.

Heart Shaped EKG Themed Badge Reel
The Heart Badge Reel is the most popular badge reel across the medical field. It is the perfect item for doctors and nurses, and it symbolizes the lives they save every day. With its relatively small size, this badge reel secures your ID badge or badge holder and keeps it out of the way. The vinyl strap makes it easy to carry your ID, keys, badge buddies, and other essentials you may need while at work. The rotating spring clip can be pulled in multiple directions, and can attach easily and firmly to any clothing.

Heart Shaped EKG Themed Badge Reel with Swivel Spring Clip (2120-76XX)

MRI Safe Badge Reel
If you and your fellow nurses need something metal-free, the MRI Safe Badge Reel is the product for the job. Because it is not magnetic, it is ideal for MRIs and imaging rooms. This safety feature is a great option for MRI technicians and hospital staff because they won’t have to worry about removing or losing this badge reel throughout the day. The innovative clip-on tab can attach to your pocket, shirt, keyring, or scrub waistband. This badge reel comes with a heavy duty cord that has been tested to stand up to 76 pounds without snapping and can reach nearly two feet, so you can easily swipe your nametag or access pass. It also has a “No-Twist” feature to keep your ID badge front-facing at all times.

MRI Safe Badge Reel - Non-Ferrous Metal Retractable Badge Clips with No Twist ID Holder Clip for Imaging Room Techs & Nurses

Heart Shaped Ribbon "Awareness" Badge Reel
With Breast Cancer Awareness Month just around the corner, a Heart Shaped Ribbon "Awareness" Badge Reel is a perfect addition to your uniform. This pink badge reel will bring awareness to a great cause while nurses and doctors care for their patients. The reinforced vinyl strap will hold any slot-punched ID card or badge holder, keys, badge buddies, security pass, or any other credential you will need during your rounds. You can attach this badge reel to scrubs, belt loops, pockets, or wherever it is most convenient.


Custom Pink Breakaway Lanyard and Badge Reel Combo
An alternative for the Heart Shaped Awareness Reel is the Custom Pink Breakaway Lanyard and Badge Reel Combo. Not only is it a great way to bring awareness to breast cancer, but it is also ideal for those who need the convenience of a badge reel, yet the functionality of a lanyard all in one. The lanyard is made of flat optiweave and is comfortable enough to wear for long periods. It also has a safety breakaway feature that will come apart if the lanyard is snagged or pulled too hard. The badge reel extends far enough to use keys and for ID cards to be swiped or scanned without having to take them off.

Custom Pink Breakaway Lanyard and Badge Reel Combo (2138-700P) 2138-700P

It is always nice to have great, useful items that offer another purpose as well. If you want to find more products that go with your profession, visit the Specialist ID website!

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