RFID Badges and the Future of Badge Accessories


In the post 9/11 era, all businesses and corporations throughout the United States (US) have been making successful strides in addressing security concerns. This has provoked the government and police agencies to upgrade their communications technology. Whether it's in work laptops or mobile devices, all steps have been taken to make sure that electronic information is safe and secure.

Now, while that might be a great solution for business corporations, another issue had to be addressed and that was figuring out how to protect the information placed in identification (ID) badges that are dispersed to hundreds of employees. That's a lot of sensitive information out there that can easily be hacked into without having to actually see the ID badge.

Something needed to be done about that. And it was.

RFID Technology

What? Radio Frequency Identification or RFID technology is the solution to protecting your employee's ID badges from getting hacked into.

Let's face it, you cant rely on everyone to be responsible enough to keep their ID badges tucked away, and even if they did and they really shouldn't because its an ID badge, it needs to be seen but it also guarded. This is where RFID technology comes in to play.

Learning about RFID Technology

RFID tags were originally developed in the 1970s. It contains a microchip that stores data that can be read and transmitted according to the microchips frequency. It was mainly used for tracking cargo and livestock. Since then, it has been vastly improved to store much more data and can access it with voice recognition, bar codes, and even imagery.

While this type of advancement has proven to make business practices and lives in general easier, it tends to make criminals' lives easier as well, because now, important information is more accessible to them. But as you know with any problem it will eventually come to a solution.

RFID Blocking Badge Holders

The simplest and most cost-effective solution is just to secure your ID badge in an RFID blocking badge holder. Specialist ID offers plenty of options to supply your employees' ID badges with. For starters, we recommend giving them a free RFID Blocking Shielded Credit Card Sleeve.

This General Service Administration approved credit card sleeve holds one standard-sized credit card ID. It's perfect for dispersing an ID badge to a new employee. This lightweight tear-proof ID holder costs only 79 cents, but if purchased in bulk, you can get these badge holders for only 52 cents a unit. This way you know that all of your employees are equipped with the tools to protect their data.

For ID badges that need to remain visible at all times, we recommend the SkimSAFE FIPS 201 RFID Blocking 2-Card ID Holder.
  • SkimSAFE FIPS 201 RFID Blocking 2-Card ID Holder (AH-210)

This RFID badge holder is a bit more rigid. It can hold 2 ID badges while keeping them visible, yet protected. The SkimSAFE has 2 slot holes that allow you to attach a lanyard or badge reel to it and display it vertically or horizontally. Here, you have the choice of purchasing it in 3 different colors: black, blue, and white. These badge holders start out at $2.99 each but can be purchased at $2.24 a unit depending on how many you order.

Contact us online or you can also call toll free at 1-800-380-6726 to place your order, or if you're local to Miami, call 305-220-5500. Well, provide you with all the information you need to protect your ID badges along with other options you might want to consider.

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