6 Easy Steps To Determine The Best ID Badge Options For Your Staff

6 Easy Steps To Determine The Best ID Badge Options For Your Staff

Having ID badges for all the employees in your company is the best way to identify who is an employee and who is a visitor in your facility. Whether you have ten people or thousands of staff members, providing ID badges and badge holders will improve your visitor management system at your place of business. 

Here are six easy steps to determine the best ID badge options for your staff.

Badge Size

First, figure out what size badge your company needs. If it’s 2 1/8" x 3 3/8", that is usually the standard credit card size and most common size badge. Other credentials may be bigger or smaller, depending on the needs of the organization. Bigger badges include those with the measurements 4x3, which is the standard size for vaccination cards.

Badge Protectors

Once you figure out the badge size, decide if you would like a vinyl badge protector. These sleeves keep the badge safe from water and accidental bending or tearing. If you don’t have a plastic badge and instead have a paper ID, keeping it covered is a safe way to keep them clean and not have to replace them as frequently. This is also a great choice if you give out temporary passes that are made of paper before the official badges come in. Some badge holders come with a bulldog clip that attaches on clothing for easy wear.

Rigid Badge Protectors

If you are looking to keep more than one card safe, our 2-card badge holder is ready for use! These polycarbonate cases can hold up to two cards that can be easily retrieved with the thumb slots on the front. The clear material makes it easy to see the ID at all times.

Choice of Wear

The next step of choosing badge options is to figure out how you want everyone to wear their badge. If your protector sleeve does not have a clip already attached, a lanyard is the next best option. You can wear lanyards around your neck to display your ID, and many different color options are available. Custom printed lanyards are also available for the ultimate customized accessory. Lanyards with breakaway clips at the back are an excellent choice for students, security officials, athletes, factory workers operating machinery, and anyone else being required to wear a lanyard

Do You Want A Hybrid Option?

If the compact design of a clip and the ease of access of a lanyard are both things you are looking for, consider a badge reel. Badge reels clip on to clothing and hold your badge protector so it is displayed on your person. The retractable clip allows you to extend your badge for easy swiping and scanning. Without a badge reel, you would have to detach a bulldog clip every time you needed to use your ID.  

Need More Space?

If your staff carries a lot of items needed for work, a badge wallet might be the most optimal option. One badge wallet can hold multiple cards and readily displays the front on one. The storage pocket can hold keys, money, receipts, and anything else needed for a day at work. 

There are many accessories available to wear badges and IDs. Specialist ID is happy to help you determine what solution is best for you.

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