top 3 ID products for campus events

3 Products for Campus Events to Create Keepsakes for Students

Calling all colleges! Are you ready to turn up the excitement and amp up the safety at your on-campus events? Then, you’re in luck because we’ve got something special in store for you. We're about to take your college event game to the next level and show you how to blend security with style to create a campus atmosphere that's upbeat, organized, and, most importantly, safe.

Top ID Products for Your Campus Event

We know that safety is a top priority, but who says it can't be fun, too? Whether it's a high-energy sports game, a music festival, or a themed party, we've got the ID products that will make your events unforgettable. At Specialist ID, we have curated a collection of innovative, custom ID solutions to keep your students safe while they have a blast at your on-campus events. Let's make safety look cooler than ever together. Here are some of our favorites:

Custom Breakaway Lanyard Badge Reel Combo

The #1 product to upgrade your on-campus events? Our custom breakaway lanyard badge reel combo! These aren't just plain lanyards; they're a combination of our best products—our breakaway lanyard and retractable badge reel. This combo is your secret weapon for creating a secure atmosphere that's full of school spirit. Your students will love sporting these vibrant, personalized lanyards as they cheer for their teams and soak up the campus fun. Our lanyards become a canvas for your college's identity, a conversation starter, and a symbol of unity. Keep your students secure and showcase your college's colors, promote upcoming events, or display important info with style. Grab our custom-printed lanyard combo and watch your students light up with pride and safety at every event.

Custom Badge Reel

Get ready to revolutionize campus safety and boost school spirit at your on-campus events with our custom badge reel. Featuring a “no twist" design, these badge reels are the key to a safer, more enjoyable college experience. Say goodbye to tangled badges and hello to hassle-free event management. With customizable designs, you can showcase your college's spirit, event themes, or important information while ensuring everyone stays identified and secure. Boost attendance at on-campus events, enhance security, and make a memorable impression on your students with these fantastic badge reels. Grab these badge reels today and watch your events shine with style and security!

Custom Lanyard

Get ready to level up campus safety and style with our custom lanyard! This is the ultimate ID solution to keep your students safe and excited at on-campus events. These vibrant, personalized lanyards will create a sense of unity and security for your student body. Our lanyards are not your ordinary ID holders; they're a statement, a fashion accessory, and a security measure all in one. With our custom-printed lanyards, you can showcase your college spirit, display important information, and carry all essentials with eye-catching designs and logos. Made with durability in mind, these lanyards are comfortable to wear and can withstand even the most hectic pep rallies. Boost attendance at on-campus events and make a lasting impression on prospective students by offering them these fantastic lanyards. Don't miss out—grab your custom-printed lanyards today!

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